The 10 best romantic love movies have been made in the last century and decade. These movies aren't only romantic, but they also strike a funny bone. Although romantic movies can be labeled "Chick Flicks," there are some that are sure to get guys laughing.

  1. "Casablanca". The 1942 romance movie tells the story of Rick Blaine, played by Humphrey Bogart, an American who re-connects with past love, Isla Lund, in Morocco during World War II. Isla's husband, Lorenzo, just escaped a concentration camp and is trying to flee the county. Caught among love and honor, Rick gives transit papers to Isla and Lorenzo to leave the country.

  2. "Ghost". The 1990 love after death story will bring any girl into a man's arms. Sam Wheat, played by Patrick Swayze, is mugged and killed during a robbery gone wrong next to wife Molly. He returns as a ghost and communicates to Molly through psychic Oda Mae, who later helps Sam protect Molly against the thieves.

  3. "Roxanne". A humorous love story, this 1987 film reveals how love can overcome looks. C.D. Bales, played by Steve Martin,loves Roxanne, but has one problem: his big nose. Although Roxanne is attracted Chris, it is C.D.' s sweet words woo her. In the end, C.D.'s flawed features become no match for the love he has for Roxanne.

  4. "Pretty In Pink". This 1986 teen love movie tells the story of Andie, played by Molly Ringwald, an unpopular high school girl has fallen for Blaine, a rich guy. Blindsided by love, Andie creates a rift among her and best friend, Duckie, who secretly loves her. After reconciling at the prom, Duckie persuades Andie to mend her relationship Blaine, despite his views.

  5. "Pretty Woman". In this 1990's romantic love movie, Julia Roberts plays prostitute Vivian Ward, who is hired by Edward Lewis for an evening of company. After hitting it off, Edward offers Vivian money in exchange for a week of her time. Vivian agrees and the rest is romantic love history!

  6. "Romeo and Juliet". This 1996 version is romantic and entertaining. Leonardo Di Caprio plays a modern day Romeo who falls in love with Juliet, despite the feud among their families. Set in Verona Beach, NY, the film uses Shakespeare's words with a modern twist to entertain the audience.

  7. "Titanic". Released in 1997, this love story set in 1912 is a classic. Rose, played by Kate Winslet, is a high class woman who falls in love with a drifter named Jack. Their love for one another grows during the ill-fated trip through the Atlantic, and ends after the ship hits an iceberg.

  8. "The Wedding Singer". A throw back to the 1980's, this 1998 love movie is romantic and humorous. Robbie Hart, played by Adam Sandler, is a wedding singer who has been dumped by his girlfriend, Linda. Heartbroken, he finds comfort in waitress Julia Sullivan, who is about to marry the biggest jerk in town. With the help of their friends, Robbie and Julia figure out their meant for one another, and seal the deal.

  9. "50 First Dates". Starring Adam Sandler, this 2004 movie is perfect for a first date. Henry Roth swears off committed relationships until he meets Lucy Whitmore. Thinking he has made a good first impression on her, he later finds out that her short term memory loss has made her forget who he is. After several attempts at winning Lucy's heart, Henry succeeds.

  10. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Released in 2008, this movie tells the story of Benjamin Button, played by Brad Pitt. Born an old man, Benjamin is abandoned by his father and taken in by Queenie shortly after birth. During his "Childhood" years, Benjamin meets Daisy, who he quickly falls in love with. As Daisy grows older, Benjamin grows younger, but their love remains timeless through the years.