The 10 best romantic Hollywood movies are guaranteed to make viewer’s hearts swell with love, and perhaps their eyes fill with tears. Not all of these Hollywood romantic movies have happy endings, though, but perhaps that realism is what makes them great.

  1. "Breakfast at Tiffany’s." Following Audrey Hepburn as she tries to find her way in the world makes for one sweet story, particularly when she’s partnered with George Peppard’s winning smile. The film is one of the best romantic movies for showing that love doesn’t need to be fancy to be true.

  2. "Ghost." Loss and letting go are not particularly romantic, but when combined with a deep, honest love they suddenly become just that. The romance in this movie is not diminished by Whoopi Goldberg's comedic moments. For its idea that love can surmount anything, even death, this film is one of the most romantic movies ever.

  3. "Gone With the Wind." Oh Rhett and Scarlett, you’ll forever be the epitome of the glory and downside of true romance. The epic war tale is also romantic because it was the first film ever made in color, thereby permitting watchers to finally feel as though a movie portrayed true life. Despite its unhappy ending, Gone With the Wind is one of the most romantic Hollywood movies.

  4. "Notting Hill." This movie is so sweet that it’ll give viewers a toothache. That’s okay, though, because watching it makes viewers so happy that they don’t mind a trip to the dentist. In this film, Roberts and Grant show what truly draws two people together, and what it sometimes takes to hold onto true love.

  5. "Sabrina." One of Audrey Hepburn’s finest movies, Sabrina follows a young girl’s unwillingness to let go of her childhood crush, and how that impedes her quest to find true love. A sweet tale of devotion and realizing the meaning of true love, this film is one of the most romantic movies Hollywood ever produced.

  6. "The Notebook." This fairly recent film has no shortage of sappy love, but because it’s told by the man’s point of view it is anything but cheesy. For showing the true meaning of refusing to give up on love, this film is one of the most romantic movies of all time.

  7. "Love, Actually." Comprised of several love stories that eventually connect, this movie shows the many forms love can assume. Sweet, poignant and rich with emotion, the film is one of the most romantic Hollywood movies.

  8. "The Princess Bride." While it might seem impossible for a romantic movie to derive from a grandfather reading a book to his grandson, this movie crushes that idea. The tale of a regular man’s quest to save his princess no matter it requires of him makes this film a classic romance.

  9. "An Affair to Remember." The two lovers agree to meet six months after they disembark from the cruise that was the backdrop for their affair. But when that meeting never happens, both lovers wonder if that love was real. For showing the longing and hope inherent in loving another person, this film is one of the best romantic Hollywood movies.

  10. "Terms of Endearment." In this movie, love comes in all forms and is never certain. The film demonstrates the differences between romantic love, love developed from friendship and a mother’s love for her daughter and what must be done to maintain that love. "Terms of Endearment" is one of the best romance movies.