Many great movies came out in 2007, and here are the 10 best romance movies of 2007. These movies will make you laugh, cry, and feel the love.

  1. “Enchanted” has all the makings of a perfect Disney fairytale, but takes place in New York City. The movie test whether or not fairytale love can hold up in the real world.

  2. “Good Luck Chuckis a nice twist on romantic movies. In this movie Chuck is hopelessly in love with Cam.  Cam and all the other women see Chuck as  good luck charm. Rumor has it if you sleep with Chuck your true love will enter your life. Chuck has to win Cam's heart with out sleeping with her first.

  3. “Knocked Up”  Romance isn't always flowers and chocolates, sometimes it is a desperate one night stand followed by a unplanned pregnancy. In the end, as these two try to do right, the love and romance blossoms in a totally non-cheesy kind of way.

  4. “Music and Lyrics” is a great romance movie of 2007. It is your typical romantic comedy. Alex Fletcher is a former singer turned song writer with an incredible lack of talent. He pairs with Sophie Fisher to help him write a song for a who finds him annoying and uninteresting. The more time they spend together, Sophie starts to fall for his whit and charm.

  5. “P.S. I Love You” will make you cry. It is a story of a young widow and her deceased husband. He has left messages to help her heal after his death. The story is heart warming and super romantic.

  6. “Waitress” is a story of a young unfulfilled married woman. She uses the negative from her marriage to create desserts for her local diner. Her life is changed by an unplanned pregnancy.

  7. “Atonement” takes place during WW2 in England. It is a story of two young lovers witnessed in the act by an even younger sister he misunderstands the situation and reports it. This causes much unneeded trouble for the young man. The movie is filled with intimate passion and romance.

  8. "Stardust” is 2007's romantic fantasy. The story is about a brave man who promises the love of his life he will venture into the unknown to fetch her a fallen star. The story includes magical kingdoms, evil witches, and spells.

  9. “The Heartbreak Kid” is over the top funny with a hint of romance. A man is put in a tricky situation when he meets the women of his dreams while on his honeymoon with a girl he just met 6 weeks ago, and not at all who he thought she was. Now he has to break off the marriage and keep his new love in the dark about his current situation.

  10. “No Reservations” is another romantic movie from 2007. Kate is an executive chef at a top restaurant. She is head strong and not one to take crap from anyone. She is thrown for a loop when her sister dies and she becomes the guardian of her young niece. In the mean time her boss hires another chef to pick up her slack. Kate feels the threatened by the new guy but also a bit of chemistry.