Choosing the 10 best romance movies of 2006 is no easy task, however there are a few you must see.  2006 was a great year for romantic movies, so keep these titles in consideration for your next night in with a special friend.

  1. “Kiss Me Again” is about emotional ramifications that sometimes follow a threesome. In this movie a happily married couple entertain the idea of inviting a third person to bed. After the lively event emotions flare as they all try to put the night behind them.

  2. “Imagine Me & You” is another romantic comedy involving complicated feelings with in a marriage. On her wedding day Rachel is struck by the beauty of another woman. Her feelings and attraction for Luce grow and Luce feels the same way. Now Rachel must decided to follow her desires or remain faithful to her marriage.

  3. “Date Movie” may be more comical than romantic, but entertaining none-the-less. This movie is a romance movie satire about a young woman who over comes a weight problem and then finds her one true love. Now they are planning a wedding and dealing with all sorts of drama from family, friends, and wedding planners.

  4. “You Stupid Man” follows the heartache of a man and two women. The first is ex-fiance who left him to pursue an acting career in L.A. The second is the ex-fiance's close friend and  maid of honor in the wedding. Sparks fly with the friend after the fiance skips town, when the fiance returns the groom must decide what to do.

  5. “I Do” tells the story of a happy bachelor with a family intent on setting him up. He then hires a woman to play is fiance and then leave him at the alter so his family will leave him alone. The woman does such a good job playing the role of a perfect fiance that the man begins to wonder if there are true feelings between them.

  6. “Th Break Up” is a romantic movie from 2006 you must see. The story involves a couple who own an apartment together. After breaking up neither is willing to move out. Instead they continue to live together while flaunting their new single lifestyles and doing all they can to drive the other insane.

  7. “The Lake House” is romance at it's best in a very weird way. After moving into a beautiful lake house home Kate begins receiving letters from Alex, the architect and former owner of the home. The odd thing is Alex is living two years earlier than Kate. Through the letters they fall in love and try to understand their unique romance.

  8. “Tristan and Isolde” has a “Romeo and Juliet” feel. Two young lovers try to make the most out of their affair, but if it were to ever be known they both could face serious trouble. Tristan is second in line to the British throne and Isolde is a princess from Ireland while to two countries are at war.

  9. “Step Up” brings an unlikely couple together through dance. Tyler and Nora meet while Tyler is working community service in Nora's performing art school. Nora sees him dance and ask him to help her choreography a piece. As the two dance together sparks begin to fly.

  10. “The Last Kiss” tells a romantic story of a young couple. Michael and Jenna already have plans to wed, but things seem to speed up once Jenna finds out she is pregnant. In the meantime the couple watch marriages and relationship all around them fall apart. Michael’s attention has also been caught by another woman who is a very bad influence on him.