If you want a steamy alone night with your girl, these 10 best romance movie scenes will set the mood. The following films contain some of cinema’s most memorable love scenes and romantic pairings. Seeing these famous actors and their undeniable chemistry together will have your lady cuddling up against you in no time.

  1. “Casablanca No one can forget the final fog-covered scene of this classic romance film. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman must part ways in this best romance movie scene. Before they leave each other, however, they share one final goodbye and Bergman’s character takes off in a plane.

  2. “The English Patient” This movie is extremely romantic and tragic at the same time. The film tells the epic story of a couple’s affair during World War II. In the best romantic movie scene, the protagonist recalls his last, heartbreaking memory of his love.

  3. “Ghost” This love story from the 1990s paired Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore together. In the best romantic movie scene, a pottery making session turns sexy as they sculpt wet clay together, then take break from the artistry to get it on.

  4. “Gone With the Wind” In this classic love story, two people fall in and out of love as the Civil War rages in the South. The best romance movie scene of “Gone with the Wind” comes when Rhett uses his powers of seduction on Scarlett to get her to accept his marriage proposal.

  5. “From Here to Eternity” Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr find each other in this romance film set on the eve of Pearl Harbor. In the romantic, iconic movie scene, the two roll around in the surf caught in an embrace.

  6. “The Notebook” This movie pairs Rachel McAdams with Ryan Gosling as lovers whose relationship spans for decades. In the most romantic scene of the movie, the couple reunites in the pouring rain and Gosling’s character carries her up the stairs into the bedroom for a steamy moment.

  7. “Amelie” A quirky French love story, “Amelie” revolves around Audrey Tautou’s quest for love. In love with a man from a distant, the shy main character devises a game to keep in contact with him through messages and hints. When the two do finally meet face-to-face, the result is a very romantic movie scene.

  8. “The Way We Were” This love story centers on the unlikely relationship between a mismatched couple. Barbra Streisand plays a liberal activist, while Robert Redford plays a popular jock. Their final scene together is a best movie moment that is both romantic and poignant.

  9. “Dirty Dancing” Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey light up the screen as dancers paired together under unforeseen circumstances. In the best romantic movie scene, Swayze teaches Grey some hot, dirty moves on the dance floor as they slowly fall in love

  10. “As Good As It Gets” In this guy-friendly romantic comedy, Jack Nicholson plays an OCD writer who constantly offends people with his bluntness. Slowly, however, he changes his ways after falling in love with a struggling waitress played by Helen Hunt. In the most romantic movie scene, he tells her, “You make me want to be a better man.”