It is no surprise that these 10 best romance French movies come from a country widely known as a place where you can breath the scent of love in the air. France has an incredible cinematic history, and romance has always provided a viable source for stories. Let yourself fall in love with these ten best French romance movies.

  1. "Amélie" This astonishing work of art is not only the best romance French movie, but is probably the greatest French movie of all time. This comedic modern fairy tale about a reclusive girl seeking a bond with people through helping them is such a joy to watch that you will feel like Amélie is helping you feel better too. Its color pallet has the gorgeous glow of autumn leaves, with an equally beautiful star, Audrey Tautou, leading us through Paris.

  2. "Breathless" In France, this French romance movie was called "À bout de souffle," and critics called it amazing. It was directed and co-written by the prestigious Jean-Luc Godard and American actress Jean Seberg starred in it. She plays a journalism student whose affection is being sought after by a man on the run after killing a police officer.

  3. "Jules and Jim" Francois Truffaut directs this popular French romance about a long lasting love triangle between two friends and a woman. Interestingly enough, they try to continue their respective relationships without ruining their friendship. Truffaut also wrote the screenplay, which was adapted from a novel by Henri-Pierre Roché.

  4. "Cyrano de Bergerac" This comedic French romance movie is about a poet/solider embarrassed by his large nose. A love triangle begins when he writes love letters to Roxanne, the woman he adores, but pretended they are from another man who is too afraid to express his love as well. The 1987 romantic comedy "Roxanne" starring Steve Martin was an adaptation of this famous story.

  5. "Day For Night" François Truffaut once again directs a majestic French romance film-this time it is a film about filmmaking. This clever Academy Award winning-story involves a film director struggling to get a movie made in the midst of keeping his love life in order. The movie within this movie is also a romance film-a woman who runs off to be with the father of her French husband.

  6. "Hiroshima, Mon Amour" This love story is about a French woman involved with a Japanese man who reminds her of her first love. How many movies have you seen recently that show fairly short flashbacks jumping in and out of the present tense to imply a character's memories are intruding on them? This Alain Resnais-directed French romance pioneered that technique.

  7. "The Last Metro" Two great forces from French cinema, director François Truffaut and actor Gérard Depardieu, collaborated for this dramatic romance film. The story takes place in 1942, while France was occupied by Germany. A Jewish theater owner struggles to hide from Nazi's with assistance from his French wife.

  8. "The Big Blue" Jean Reno and Rosanna Arquette star in this French romance adventure from 1988. Luc Besson directed this story that he co-wrote about the athletic competitiveness between two well-known divers. The original French version of the film is fourteen minutes longer than the United States version.

  9. "The Science of Sleep" The vastly creative French director/writer Michel Gondy performed both of those duties to create this French romance movie. Gael García Bernal stars as Stéphane, a dreamer whose dreams are literally interfering with his waking life romance. As fate would have it, he is pursuing the similarly named Stéphanie, with much difficulty.

  10.  “Beauty and the Beast” This French film takes the romance story into the realm of fantasy. This is the 1946 version known in France as: "La belle et la bête." This classic tale is about a gorgeous woman's ability to see the inner beauty in someone her society considers a beast.