10 Best Prostitution Movies

Wednesday, March 16 by Jacob Quinn
  • “Taxi Driver” – This is a film about an insane man who drives a taxi and becomes obsessed with a prostitute played by Jodi Foster. His obsession eventually leads him to commit murders to impress her. It’s centered more as a study of insanity, but the seedy world of prostitution serves as a backdrop.
  • “Angel” – This is another fairly serious prostitution movie although it also has some exploitation elements. It’s about a high school girl who secretly works as a prostitute and the double life she has to lead.
  • “Vivre Sa Vie” – This is a movie about prostitution directed by Jean Luc Godard. Like many of his films, it’s just as much about the interesting filmmaking techniques employed as anything. The actual story deals with a woman gradually deciding to become a prostitute and what that does to her life.
  • “Night Shift” – This is one of the more amusing prostitution movies. It’s about morgue workers who set up a brothel in the morgue as a way to make extra money.
  • “The Happy Hooker” – This is more optimistic than most prostitution movies. It’s about a woman who loves sex and becomes a prostitute just for the pure pleasure of it.
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