The 10 best prostitution movies fall into a pretty wide variety of different genres, and have very different moods. Some filmmakers approach prostitution movies as an opportunity to study dark and seedy subject matter, while others see it as a chance to make light and entertaining comedies. Both approaches have produced interesting movies that are well worth viewing.

  1. “Belle De Jour” – This is arguably the best of all the prostitution movies. It was created by the great director Luis Bunuel, and it’s about a married woman who becomes a prostitute for sexual thrills. The movie is very unusual stylistically.

  2. “Pretty Woman” – This is one of the best examples of how prostitution movies can be romantic comedies. Julia Roberts plays a prostitute who finds true love with one of her customers.

  3. “Monster” – This may be the darkest prostitution movie on this list. It’s about a female prostate who becomes a murderer.

  4. “Risky Business” – Very few prostitution movies are as entertaining as this 80’s classic. It stars Tom Cruise as high school boy who ends up running his own call girl service.

  5. “Working Girls” – This is one of the more serious and educational prostitution movies. It’s about a brothel in Manhattan and details the normal daily experiences that the women have to endure.

  6. “Taxi Driver” – This is a film about an insane man who drives a taxi and becomes obsessed with a prostitute played by Jodi Foster. His obsession eventually leads him to commit murders to impress her. It’s centered more as a study of insanity, but the seedy world of prostitution serves as a backdrop.

  7. “Angel” – This is another fairly serious prostitution movie although it also has some exploitation elements. It’s about a high school girl who secretly works as a prostitute and the double life she has to lead.

  8. “Vivre Sa Vie” – This is a movie about prostitution directed by Jean Luc Godard. Like many of his films, it’s just as much about the interesting filmmaking techniques employed as anything. The actual story deals with a woman gradually deciding to become a prostitute and what that does to her life.

  9. “Night Shift” – This is one of the more amusing prostitution movies. It’s about morgue workers who set up a brothel in the morgue as a way to make extra money.

  10. “The Happy Hooker” – This is more optimistic than most prostitution movies. It’s about a woman who loves sex and becomes a prostitute just for the pure pleasure of it.