The best political drama movies re-tell important moments in history, but still remain entertaining. These movies re-tell stories of presidents, kings and queens and contain some of the best acting you will ever see. These are award winning movies and they make history fun.

  1. “All the President’s Men” This film tells the story of how two reporters helped expose corruption and force the resignation of President Richard Nixon. One of the best political drama movies ever made, the film received eight Oscar nominations, winning four, including Best Screenplay by William Goldman.

  2. “All the King’s Men” Loosely based on the corruption in the New Orleans government, Sean Penn stars as a character similar to former Louisiana Governor Huey Long. The character starts out as an idealist who allows the power of being governor go to his head and betrays those who supported him.

  3. “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” Frank Capra made many feel good stories and this remains one while also becoming one of the best political drama movies ever made. Mr. Smith is a small town senator sent into Washington unprepared but is able to make a difference anyway.

  4. “The Contender” When the vice president dies, the president of the United States must find a replacement and when he chooses a female, it causes a huge controversy. In one of the best political drama movies, secrets from her past are revealed and politicians will do whatever they can to get their person into office.

  5. “W” Oliver Stone created this movie based on the life of President George W. Bush. The movie is unique because it was made while Bush was still in office, but it remains one of the best political drama movies of all time. The movie is unusual for Stone, who never paints Bush as a devious man.

  6. “JFK” Oliver Stone went after another president in one of the best political drama movies of all time. Instead of focusing on the life of Kennedy, JFK picks up after the assassination and deals with the Warren Commission’s report and the conspiracy theories involved in the murder.

  7. “The Queen” Helen Mirren stars as Queen Elizabeth II in one of the best political drama movies ever made. The movie follows the life of Queen Elizabeth following the death of Princess Diana of Wales and how the Royal Family differs on their opinions of how to deal with the death.

  8. “Good Night, and Good Luck” George Clooney directs this black and white stylized film, one of the best political dramas ever made. David Strathairn stars as Edward R. Murrow during the communist witch hunts led by Senator Joseph McCarthy.

  9. “The King’s Speech” Colin Firth stars as King George VI, the man who will soon be king in one of the best political drama movies of all time. The movie follows King George’s attempts to master his stuttering speech impediment before he greets the nation.

  10. “Frost/Nixon” Michael Sheen portrays journalist David Frost in this adaptation of the classic interview he conducted with disgraced United States President Richard Nixon. In one of the best political drama movies of all time, the movie shows the behind the scenes controversy and the on-screen interview.