The 10 best Pinoy drama movies are about family and love. The word “Pinoy” is referring to the people of Filipino decent in Philippines or abroad. The Pinoy dramas tell the stories of Filipinos all over the world.  Pinoy dramas are unique and well-written stories about love and friendship, family and dangerous circumstances.

  1. ”The Debut”  "The Debut" is the story of a talented student, Ben Mercado, who doesn’t want to be Filipino anymore. He fights with his father about it. He even ruins his sister’s birthday because of his identity crisis. The deterioration of his family makes Ben think about the consequences of his actions.

  2. ”My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend” At a party Evo meets beautiful dancer Grace, his best friend’s girlfriend. Scheming Evo asks Grace to pose as his girlfriend to make his ex jealous. In the process Evo falls in love with Grace.

  3. ”My Monster Mom”  Single mother Esme gives her daughter Abby up to her elder bother, who takes the child to the United States. Twenty-seven years later Abby returns to Philippines to meet her real mother. Soon she finds out that Esme is difficult woman who doesn’t mince words. In other words, she is a nightmare. Abby is in danger of loosing her mother again.

  4. ”You To Me Are Everything”  Rafael is a rich man, who suddenly  loses his fortune. Rafael meets Isak. She is a rich girl who hires Rafael to be her financial advisor. What Rafael doesn’t know that Isak will change him forever.

  5. ”Cavite”  Adam is a security guard in California. He has to come back to Philippines for his father’s funeral. When he arrives in Manila his cell phone rings and someone tells him that his sister and mother are hostages and they will be killed if he doesn’t abide. The film is about murder , jihad and rebellion.

  6. “Batanes” -Pam meets Ivatan in Manila. They fall in love. Pam decides to be with Ivatan and follows him to Batanes to marry him. One day Ivatan doesn’t return from a fishing trip.  Devastated Pam sails to Ivujos Island where she finds Taiwanese man Kao, who fished near Batanas illegally when he was hit by a storm. Pam and Kao fall in love. Will their love survive?

  7. ”Ang kabit ni Mr. Montero”is the story of Mr. Montero, a wealthy filmmaker who is paralyzed from the waist down. He lives in his house in Negros where he undergoes physical therapy. His physical therapist Annie wants to replace Gail, Montero’s wife. Gail is unfaithful and wants to leave Montero. Annie tells Montero that Gail is unfaithful and he becomes violent.

  8. "Engwkentro" recounts the story of two brothers who want to escape from a suffocating life in the city ruled by a tyrannical mayor. The brothers run away from gang leaders and corrupt politicians.

  9. “Mano po 2: My home” is the story of a Chinese businessman and his three lovers: one of whom is Filipina, another Chinese and the third is Filipino-Chinese. He has children with all three. Soon he is forced to think about his life and make a decision. The film is the story about forgiveness and love.

  10. “Mr. Lonely”  Vic is a singer. He sings in a club for wealthy clients. A wealthy widow becomes his lover and wants to help his career. But Vic has a girlfriend, his childhood sweetheart. He has to make a choice.