Searching for the 10 best Pakistani dramas? This list represents some of the most popular shows on Pakistani television. Originally airing on PTV, Geo TV, Hum TV, ARY Digital and private Pakistani TV channels, these shows are now available for free viewing on Pakistani media sites across the web. If you’re a fan of Pakistani teledramas, be sure to tune in to the following programs.

  1. “Alpha Bravo Charlie” is a Pakistani television drama that first aired on the PTV network in the late 1990s. This hugely popular military series follows the lives of three friends on the cusp of their careers in the Pakistan army. Faraz Inam, Abdullah Mahmood and Qasim Khan star in the series.

  2. “Dhoop Kinare,” which means “at the edge of the sunshine” in Urdu, is a popular Pakistani drama from the mid-1980s. The story revolves around a team of doctors, their routines at the hospital and their private lives at home. The show stars Rahat Kazmi, Marina Khan and Sajid Hassan.

  3. “Dhundle Raste” is a popular biographical drama that aired on Pakistani television in the late 1980s. The extremely popular series features members of Vital Signs, a successful Pakistani pop rock band.

  4. “Kashkol” is an Urdu-language serial drama that first aired on Pakistani television in the 1990s. The show’s title means “beggar’s bowl” and the series is based on a popular novel by Hameed Kashmiri. Talat Hussain, Syed Kamal, Aijaz Aslam and Tauqeer Nasir star in the drama.

  5. “Khuda Ki Basti” is a classic Pakistani television series that aired in the late 1960s and early 1970s. One of the most popular Pakistani dramas of all time, the series is based on a modern classic of Urdu literature. The story revolves around a poor family that has fallen on hard times. The cast includes legendary actor Qazi Wajid.

  6. “Malaal” is a popular Pakistani drama that aired on Hum TV in 2009. It centers on two friends—a man and a woman—who live in the United States. When they return to their home country of Pakistan, each meets someone of the opposite sex and they must decide whether to pursue their feelings for them or for each other. Deepti Gupta and Faisal Rehman star in the critically acclaimed series.

  7. “Noor Pur Ki Rani” is a family drama that aired on Hum TV in 2009. The serial is based on the classic Daphne Du Maurier novel “Rebecca.” The story centers on two very different women—an orphan and a princess—bound by similar problems. Mahnoor Baloch, Sanam Baloch and Nauman Ijaz star in the series.

  8. “Shehzori” is an Urdu-language television series that aired in the 1970s. The serial drama is based on a novel by Azim Beg Chughtai. The popular Pakistani actor Shakeel is among the cast, which also includes Neelofer Abbasi, Arsha Munir and Muhammad Yousaf.

  9. “Talaash” is a popular television mini-series that aired on Pakistani TV in the early 1990s. The show features Junjoon, a band that pioneered the sufi rock genre. Members of the band, known as the “U2 of Pakistan,” star as themselves in the novel television drama.

  10. “Uraan” is a Pakistani drama that originally aired in 2010. The serial focuses on women in urban Pakistan and the various issues they confront. The cast includes Aamina Sheikh, Saba Qamar, Humayun Saaed and Zhalay Sarhadi.