If you’re in the mood for love, check out these 10 best old romantic movies. The films below are all classics that present epic love stories, often paying tribute to the time periods that they take place in as well as the relationships that they chronicle. If you want to score brownie points with your girlfriend or wife, watch one of these movies with her.

  1. “Casablanca” This best old romantic movie has some of the most famous lines in cinematic history, thanks to Humphrey Bogart’s character. Bogart plays a wise-talking, smooth club owner whose life is turned upside down by the beautiful Ingrid Bergman. The movie is as much about World War II as it is a love story.

  2. “The Way We Were” In this romantic old movie, Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand play complete opposites who somehow fall for each other. The movie shows them fall in love in the 1950’s and then slowly traces the relationship’s demise.

  3. “From Here to Eternity” This old romantic movie takes place on the eve of the Pearl Harbor Attack. Burt Lancaster and Debora Kerr star as lovers who engage in an ill-fated affair in the days before the attack and coming war.

  4. “Gone with the Wind” In this classic from 1939, Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable play tumultuous lovers in an old romantic movie that spans from the beginning of the Civil War through Reconstruction. Your girlfriend will swoon over Gable’s alpha male personality.

  5. “Love Story” This romantic old movie from the 1970’s unfortunately is pretty sappy, but women absolutely love it. The film revolves around two students from opposing colleges who fall in love, only to discover one lover’s terminal illness.

  6. “Dr. Zhivago” An old romantic movie from the 1960’s, “Dr. Zhivago” tells the story of a Russian doctor who juggles a wife and a mistress during the Bolshevik Revolution. He soon must choose loyalties, to both the women in his life and his country of Russia.

  7. “Roman Holiday” This movie pairs a cute Audrey Hepburn with Gregory Peck. Hepburn plays a sheltered princess who runs off with an American journalist for a carefree time in Rome that ultimately ends in love.

  8. “Some Like It Hot” Marilyn Monroe stars in this old romantic movie, which is also full of laughs and cross dressing. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis play musicians running from the mob and forced to dress and perform as women alongside the stunning Monroe. Love soon develops despite their hidden identities.

  9. “Somewhere in Time” This romantic old movie pairs "superman" Christopher Reeve with a very young Jane Seymour. A deep infatuation spurs a young man to go back in time and meet a lovely actress that he discovered once stayed at the very hotel where he is currently at.

  10. “Vertigo” This classic Hitchcock movie is the perfect choice if you want to provide your girl with romance but still watch an intriguing, suspenseful movie. James Stewart stars as a detective who starts to find himself plunging into dark territory when he falls in love with a beautiful ice queen, played by Kim Novak.