The 10 best murder movie songs make murder movies what they are. Without the right songs, murder movies just aren’t murderous enough. Some songs seem to fit the theme while others simply set the tone for the scene. But whatever the case, these songs are good enough to stand alone as their own soundtrack.

  1. “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” from “The Departed”:  The Irish-rooted band Dropkick Murphys made bagpipes cool again in this foot-stomping, head-thrashing theme from “The Departed.” You’d expect nothing less of a Martin Scorsese film, especially not one starring Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

  2. “Epiphany” from “Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street”: This neck-slicing, razor-cutting film made you lose your dinner, for sure, but it’s all justified in “Epiphany,” where Johnny Depp sings that “We all deserve to die” – in some way or another. He was probably right.

  3. “Step Up” from “The Punisher”: Thomas Jane plays the comic vigilante with one of the best murder movie songs to back him up. Drowning Pool lends their grungy sound to an already dark film for a murder scene you just can’t resist.

  4. “Numb Encore” from “Miami Vice”: This 2006 murder movie starring Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell featured many great songs, but Linkin Park and Jay-Z’s “Numb Encore” stands out as one of the best murder movie songs in the film. And unlike other remixes, it doesn’t make you pine for the original.

  5. “Wake Up” from “The Matrix”: This song was aptly titled, considering Mr. Anderson’s metamorphosis into Neo. This is one of Rage Against the Machine’s best songs, and it became the best murder movie song in The Matrix.

  6. “Feuer Frei” from “XXX”: “Fire Free” is what this title translates to, and it’s appropriate considering Vin Diesel’s fiery tactics in the film. Rammstein certainly doesn’t disappoint with this murder movie song.

  7. “Putting Out Fire with Gasoline” from “Inglourious Basterds”: This World War II spoof would be far less interesting without all the music. David Bowie’s eighties classic fits in surprisingly well in this murder movie.

  8. “Shadow on the Sun” from “Collateral”: Tom Cruise is a hired hand out to murder several victims, and Jamie Foxx has no choice but to cart him around town to do the dirty work. Audioslave’s song offering seems to descript Cruise’s character without fail.

  9. “Session” from “The Matrix Reloaded”: Linkin Park is featured in many murder movies, but the second “Matrix” installment was one of their shining moments.

  10. “Extreme Ways” from “The Bourne Identity”: Moby’s electronic techno vibes are perfect for the freakishly Matrix-like end credits of “The Bourne Identity.” It doesn’t hurt that this murder movie song has a great tune, unlike other songs featured in the end credits.