If you're in the mood for films about music that have great soundtracks, check out the 10 best movies that rock. Some of the movies on this list are based on the lives of actual artists, while others are completely fanciful. Each of these movies will have you cranking up the volume.

  1. “Eight Mile” Rapper Eminem shows off his acting talent in “Eight Mile,” one of the best movies that rock. Based loosely on Eminem's life as a young man, the film is a coming-of-age-story. It also chronicles how Eminem gained skill and confidence as a freestyle rapper to become the phenomenon he is today.

  2. “The Wall” Pink Floyd based this film on their album by the same name. "The Wall" is a captivating combination of animation and live action. The highly metaphorical film consists mainly of visual imagery and music; there's very little dialogue. It gets its theme across brilliantly: alienation.

  3. “Grease” One of the best movies that rock, “Grease” is based on a stage musical. As a film, it was immensely popular and the soundtrack was a top-seller.  “Grease” is the story of an unlikely pair on high school students—a prim foreign exchange student and a slick greaser—who fall in love.

  4. “Saturday Night Fever” The popularity of disco in the late 1970s owes a great deal to “Saturday Night Fever.” The movie is best remembered for John Travolta's moves on the dance floor, but its wildly popular soundtrack propelled the Bee Gees to new heights of fame.

  5. “Easy Rider” One of the best movies that rock, “Easy Rider” is a film about a road tri taken by two free-spirited motorcycle riders. And of course, you've got to have great music for a road trip. The soundtrack for “Easy Rider” features Jimi Hendrix, the Byrds and Steppenwolf, among others.

  6. “The Doors” Based on the life of Jim Morrison, “The Doors” depicts the struggles of a talented but troubled musical artist. The more successful his band became, the more Jim Morrison descends into a netherworld of alcoholism and drug addiction. The movie is grim, but the soundtrack rocks.

  7. “The Rose” This film, one of the best movies that rock, is based on a female rock star who resembles Janis Joplin. Not only does Bette Midler do an excellent job playing the lead role, but she sings all the songs on the soundtrack, including the famous title track, “The Rose.”

  8. “The Blues Brothers” For sheer fun, no film beats “The Blue Brothers,” a musical comedy. Not only is it one of the best movies that rock, but it's a treat for blues-lovers. The soundtrack features big-name blues artists such as Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker and James Brown.

  9. “Purple Rain” Prince showcases his talent as an actor in “Purple Rain,” his film debut. The story is about a young man struggling to make it as a musician and to avoid repeating dysfunctional family patterns in his personal life.  The soundtrack features some of Prince's biggest hits, including “When Doves Cry” and “Let's Go Crazy.”

  10. “A Hard Day's Night” One of the best movies that rock, “A Hard Day's Night” stars the Beatles. The film, a British comedy, is presented in the style of a documentary. Not only does it portray a couple of days in the lives of the band, but it also features some of their best songs, like “She Loves You” and “Can't Buy Me Love.”