If you haven’t seen these, the 10 best movies like “American History X,” then the racist skinhead subgenre is apparently new to you. These films effectively explore the danger subculture that thankfully has been waning in recent years.

  1. "This is England." This recent film about a group of young violent skinheads in England tops our list of the ten best movies like “American History X.”

  2. "The Believer." “The Believer” is a shocking film about a young neo-Nazi skinhead who turns out to be Jewish. It is based on a true story.

  3. "Skin Flick." Bruce Labruce’s classic film is a witty, sexual take on a group of neo-Nazi skinheads living in England. It features the esteemed artist Slava Mogutin.

  4. "Oi! Warning." The best movie like “American History X” to come out of Germany, the country where Nazism was invented, “Oi! Warning” is about a teenager who runs away from home to become an Oi skinhead.

  5. "Higher Learning." In this acclaimed film from John Singleton, Michael Rapaport plays a confused college student who is drawn to a group of neo-Nazi skinheads when he is unable to make friends at his new school.  

  6. "Adam’s Apples." “Adam’s Apples” is the best movie like “American History X” that Scandinavia has produced so far. Based on the Book of Job, it is about a neo-Nazi who is required to live and work in a small religious community after getting out of prison.

  7. "Pariah." A woman is sexually assaulted by a group of skinheads and kills herself. Her boyfriend then infiltrates the group in order to exact revenge.

  8. "Romper Stomper." Probably the best movie like “American History X” set in Australia, “Romper Stomper” explores the Melbourne neo-Nazi skinhead, drug and squatter subcultures.

  9. "Russia 88." This mockumentary from 2009 effectively explores the Russian neo-Nazi skinhead movement in painstaking detail.

  10. "Made in Britain." This 1982 made-for-TV British movie stars a young Tim Roth as a white power skinhead. It rounds out our list of the ten best movies like “American History X.”