A book made into a good movie is a dream come true, and these 10 best movies based on novels are terrific examples. Here, we'll see what happens when a great idea is put on the big screen.

  1. ''The Joy Luck Club'' A story that follows the lives of four Chinese women and their relationships with their mothers, all of whom were raised in World War II China. The novel and movie expose the American public to the lives of Chinese women living in the United States, and how they first came to be.

  2. ''The Shawshank Redemption'' A Stephen King novel translated perfectly into film. A tale of Andy Dufresne's life in prison, as told by his close friend, Red. The movie provides an unsugar-coated look into prison life, and the hardships of readjusting to society. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman's acting is superb and keeps the audience captivated throughout.

  3. ''Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory'' For everybody raised in the 90's, this movie was just about the the most magical thing that has ever existed. Everyone longed to see Willy Wonka's factory of wonders, and Charlie, a small child, gets to. Perhaps Roald Dahl's most famous children's book, it's been adapted finely into movie form, and Gene Wilder's performance as Willy Wonka is endlessly entertaining.

  4. ''The Harry Potter Series'' Each segment of the Harry Potter novels was unique unto itself, as are each of the films. We see Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe grow from boys into strong young men, ready to face the world's evils and conquer them. While hardcore fans may disagree with the film's accuracy, they're probably the most faithful adaptations anyone could have made given certain time limits.

  5. ''It'' "It" is another Stephen King signature classic. It follows the lives of several young children trying to escape a great evil in the town of Derry, Maine. Even as they transition into adults, they cannot escape "It", so they must face "It" once more. The child actors are surprisingly talented and Tim Curry is equally sinister as Pennywise the Clown.

  6. "Precious'' This film based on the novel ''Push,'' is an endless tale of drama, and a huge tear-fest. The story of Precious is riddled with tragedy, but she makes the best of the worst possible situation and continues to live her life. Mo'Nique's role as Precious' mother also earned her an Oscar, so it's worth taking a look at.

  7. ''The Shining'' Stephen King is a master of story-telling, and who better to carry on the torch in cinema than Jack Nicholson? "The Shining" is a terrifying psychological horror film that keeps the audience guessing what the insane killer will do next. A true masterpiece by any standard.

  8. "Full Metal Jacket'' The story of several recruits training to be U.S. Marines. It shows the true darkness of war, and the endless torture that one particular marine goes through until he finally cracks. A great novel turned into a film that leaves viewers wondering about the rationality of human beings.

  9. "American Psycho'' The novel is nothing much to speak of, some even regard it as mindless violence and sex. But the film is an eloquent mix of sophistication and horror. Christian Bale does an amazing job as Patrick Bateman, a handsome, rich businessman whose bloodlust is insatiable.

  10. "Fight Club'' An iconic film for the late 90's. ''Fight Club'' is a psychological film at its finest. An unnamed narrator meets a man named Tyler Durden, and through him, goes on many adventures until he realizes that he's part of a plot to throw the world into anarchy. This is a movie that'll leave viewers gasping in most scenes, and wondering what could possibly happen next.