Watch these 10 best movies based on a true story and you’ll find that truth is even more interesting than fiction. These movies based on a true story span the gambit from athletes to serial killers.

  1. "The Social Network" This film that chronicles the true story of the rise of Facebook and the lawsuits that followed. Nominated for six Golden Globes, this film stars Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker, founder of Napster.

  2. "The Blind Side" This is the true story of Michael Oher, a bo taken in by a family who helps him reach his potential as an all-American football player and first round NFL draft pick. Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role as the tough southern mother who fights for Oher.

  3. "Charlie Wilson’s War" Tom Hanks is the charismatic hard-drinking Texas congressman who helps thos fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. Julia Roberts is Joanne Herring, the big-haired Houston socialite who helps him fight the commies.

  4. "Julie and Julia" This charming film tells the true story of two women: Julia Child, the famous television chef, and Julie, a writer who vows to cook all of the recipe’s in Julia’s book in one year and blog about it along the way. Meryl Streep shines in her Oscar-nominated performance as Julia Child.

  5. "The Pursuit of Happyness" Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith star in this film about the true story of a man trying to advance his career against all odds. The Golden Globes recognized the film with an Image Award for Outstanding Motion Picture. 

  6. "Catch Me If You Can" This quirky true story about young con artist Frank Abagnale stars a brilliant Leonardo DiCaprio. Christopher Walken and Tom Hanks also starred in the film.

  7. "Black Hawk Down" This Ridley Scott film that garnered two Oscars tells the story of special forces soldiers fighting heavily armed forces in Somalia. This film starring Josh Harnett and Ewan McGregor successfully let's the audience in on the hellish experience of a soldier in battle.

  8. "The Perfect Storm" This is the heart-wrenching true story about the danger of commercial fisherman and their struggle to survive the mother of all storms. The all-star cast includes George Clooney, Diane Lane and Mark Wahlberg.  

  9. "A Beautiful Mind" Ron Howard won the Oscar for Best Director for this film. Russell Crowe plays John Nash, a brilliant mathematician-turned-cryptologist suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

  10. "Monster" Charlize Theron is eerily believable in her Oscar-winning role as the serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Christina Ricci and Bruce Dern also star in this award-winning film.