The 10 best movies about cancer portray the disease’s effect on the sick and the healthy. Despite their topic, many times these movies are uplifting.

  1. "Stepmom." The biological mother and stepmother of two kids battle for their right to be in the kids’ lives. But when the stepmom discovers the truth of the biological mother’s health, the two realize the importance of their relationship. A timeless tale about a mother’s love, “Stepmom” is one of the best movies about cancer.

  2. "My Life." As an expectant father realizes that he won’t live to see his son born he begins to videotape himself. This moving cancer film is guaranteed to bring tears, but at the end of the film those tears turn to joyful ones as we watch father and son move towards their destiny. “My Life” is one of the best cancer movies ever made.

  3. "My Sister’s Keeper." This cancer movie focuses on the life of a child affected by cancer, and what that can mean for the entire family. The portrayal of a family willing to do anything to save one of their own can make anyone question the limits they would go to do the same. “My Sister’s Keeper” is one of the best movies about cancer.

  4. "Sweet November." A woman dealing with cancer decides to keep everything short: short relationships, short projects. That way, she never needs to say goodbye. This movie displays the reactions to the disease had by those who live with it daily. “Sweet November” is a tale of a cancer patient’s struggle to remain normal in a very changed world.

  5. "Terms of Endearment." During this movie, every viewer feels outraged when a mother screams that it’s time for her dying daughter to receive her pain pill. This story shows how everyone is affected by cancer, even long after diagnosis and death. “Terms of Endearment” is one of the best movies about cancer.

  6. "Erin Brockovich." Through the tale of how one woman takes on a mega-corporation and wins, this movie shows the devastation when cancer becomes a component of daily life. This uplifting tale shows viewers that justice against wrongdoers isn’t just a fable.

  7. "My Life Without Me." This touching tale follows a woman who decides that her cancer diagnosis means it’s time to take control of her life. Making a list of what she’s always wanted to do, she embarks on living her last two months to the fullest. For showing a positive side of the disease, “My Life Without Me” is a great movie about cancer.

  8. "Life as a House." After being diagnosed with cancer, a man tries to repair his relationships with family and friends. The step induces him to build a home with his estranged son and ex-wife. “Life as a House” is a touching film about cancer.

  9. "A Walk to Remember." The unlikely relationship between high school good girl and the school’s bad boy are made even more complicated by the fact that she’s dying. The film displays the changes everyone makes when the disease appears. This touching movie is one of the best movies about cancer.

  10. "The Bucket List ." The unlikely friendship between a regular guy and millionaire is made even more special when both have incurable cancer. This film shows what it requires for a patient to come to terms with his illness. “The Bucket List” is a beautiful film about cancer.