The 10 best movie doctors range from serious life-savers to kings of big-screen comedy, creepy men who take advantage of their position to those who give up everything to help people. The 10 best movie doctors have appeared in films ranging in era from classic black and white to modern blockbuster fare. Here they are, the 10 best movie doctors:

  1. Donald Sutherland in "MASH" - Sutherland plays Hawkeye Pierce, the rebellious doctor in the military hospital in this iconic film. He tops our list of the 10 best movie doctors.

  2. Sidney Poitier in "No Way Out" - Poitier plays Dr. Luther Brooks, one of the 10 best movie doctors, in this racially-charged thriller. After he operates on a white patient suffering from a gunshot wound and the patient dies, the brother of the patient seeks revenge.

  3. Jeremy Irons in "Dead Ringers" - Irons plays twin gynecologists in this psychological thriller from David Cronenberg. These are two of the best movie doctors ever to creepily hit the screen.

  4. Val Kilmer in "Tombstone" - Doc Holliday was actually a dentist before he became the legendary gunslinger. The best portrayal of Doc was by Val Kilmer, opposite Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp in "Tombstone."

  5. Marlon Brando in "The Island of Dr. Moreau" - Brando plays a messianic experimenter, playing God on an island. It is one of his iconically strange performances, as one of the best movie doctors.

  6. Fatty Arbuckle in "Oh Doctor!" - Fatty is a love-struck doctor in this slapstick silent. He falls in love with a woman whose boyfriend is a thief after his wife's jewelry. This is the earliest entry on our list of the best movie doctors.

  7. Robin Williams in "Patch Adams" - Patch Adams was a real-life doctor who cheered up terminally ill children. It is the perfect role for Robin Williams, scoring him a spot on this list of best movie doctors.

  8. Sean Connery in "Medicine Man" - Connery plays a cancer researcher who has traveled to the Amazon rainforest looking for the cure for cancer. Once he figures out what it is, it's too late, as the habitat is being torn down, in this bittersweet movie.

  9. Joel McCrea in "The Great Moment" - Joel McCrea plays WTG Morton, the man who discovered the use of ether as anesthetic. He is one of the true-life examples of best movie doctors.

  10. Robin Williams in "Awakenings" - Robin Williams also closes out our list of the best movie doctors for his role in "Awakenings," as a doctor who uses a controversial drug to awaken catatonic patients. It too is based on true events.