The 10 best modern romance movies combine romance with a modern sensibility. It's likely today's romantic movies aren't as head-over-heels romantic as the films of yesterday, but romance is an enduring reality, no matter what era it may come from.

  1. "High Fidelity" In this movie there is a direct correlation between the love of music and love itself. After all, most pop songs are about love, right? This film is about love and how music can be the soundtrack to each of our own modern romances.

  2. "Juno" Romance leads to sex—it's a fact of life. But can love survive after the birth of a child? This very realistic romance movie asks some of these questions and more.

  3. "About a Boy" Love is something even a child can understand. In this film, a young boy explains love to a man that should already know these things.

  4. "Bridget Jones's Diary" Renee Zellweger plays a funny, but insecure Brit in this film about the search for true love. Her heart might be in the right place, but this modern tale about the foibles of seeking Mr. Right makes it look a whole lot harder than it really needs to be.

  5. "Lost in Translation" Bill Murray is perfect at looking tired and bored, which is how he appears throughout much of this film. The meaning of romance and love can, indeed, get lost in translation when modern men and women are trying to communicate with each other.

  6. "Almost Famous" Rock n roll in the '70s was a tough environment for romance and love to bloom. There were drugs. There were self-centered behaviors. But somehow, it still found its way into the lives of these rockers' lives. 

  7. "WALL-E" You don't get more modern than a futuristic planet inhabited by robots and such. This is a modern romance of the most modern variety.

  8. "Sideways" Wine country is the centerpiece of this comedy. Wine is also a big element in modern romance, but love is what this fine film is really all about.

  9. "Amelie" Amelie is a nice girl who just wants to help those around her. And isn't it justice that this nice girl also falls in love? Call it modern romance of the most unexpected variety.

  10. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" True believers will tell you that love is at unstoppable force. Take this film, for example. They tried to erase a couple's memory of each other only to have that same pair discover what it was they liked about each other in the first place.