Ever thought about the 10 best love scenes in cars? Well, the steamiest love scenes most often do not happen within the confines of the bedroom, but rather in the most unlikely places—in cars, for instance.   Of course, we have to admit that there are other intriguing and interesting locations as well, but the confines of cars do have a certain appeal and might as well be considered as a bedroom on wheels.

  1. Titanic” - Who could ever forget Jack and Rose played by steamy co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet?  The passionate lovemaking inside a car with foggy windows was truly a work of art. 

  2. “Transformers” - One of the sweetest scenes you could ever witness can be seen in the first installment of "Transformers". Sam finally gets to ride Bumblebee with the girl of his dreams, wherein at one point he offers a seatbelt by letting the girl lie on top of him.  Very original and sweet, and as Ratchet (a transformer) puts it, “His hormone levels show that he wants to mate with the female.”

  3. “Risky Business” - Well, the love scene in question did not really happen in an automobile.  Nevertheless, Tom Cruise (as Joel Goodson) and Rebecca de Mornay (as Lana) really took the roof off while they make it out (in an artsy way) in an empty Chicago train car.  It’s still a car nonetheless, and it’s so sexy that we want to put it on our list of the best love scenes in cars.

  4. “A Love Song for Bobby Long” -  Now this scene from “A Love Song for Bobby Long” is stimulating.  Picture a sexy Scarlett Johansson being erotically seduced.  What adds to the steam here is that the girl reciprocates and grabs his hand, placing it underneath her dress. It's very flirty, which is why it makes the list of the best love scenes in cars.

  5. “Brokeback Mountain” - You’d think that "Brokeback Mountain" would only show lovemaking between two cowboys.  Well, it is not so.  In fact, there is a steamy car scene between Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway in the back of a convertible.

  6. “Havoc” - "Havoc" may not have been well received as a film, but it does have a hot love scene between Anne Hathaway and Mike Vogel.  Anne bares herself and shows her bumpers for the camera.  This is the only time Anne goes half-naked—which makes it one of the best loves scenes in a car.

  7. “Supernatural” Season 4 - Ever done it at the back of the car with an angel?  Dean Winchester and Anna Milton, an angel, managed to make out just fine.

  8. "For Keeps" - Nothing is sweeter than the taste of first love’s kiss at the back of a car.  As a 1988 Brat Pack movie, things don’t go all the way as they do nowadays. Still, Darcy adamantly tells her boyfriend that they did it “In the car, in the car, in the bath…” as she tries to explain her newfound pregnancy to him.

  9. "Octane" - Not exactly a “love scene” between Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Mischa Barton, but who can really draw a clear line between seduction and genuine love—especially when sex hormones are high?

  10. 10. "The Sweetest Thing" - In this scene, best friends Courtney and Christina Walters are in skimpy two-piece bikinis while driving a car.  Then, Courtney, who happens to be the driver, drops her lip gloss, and asks her friend to retrieve it for her.  As Christina reaches across Courtney’s knees to retrieve the lip gloss, a Harley biker who’s about to overtake the car sees the scene.  And with a little mischievous playacting from Courtney, he genuinely thinks the two girls are making out. It counts as one of the best love scenes in cars because the male’s imagination highly suggests so.