This list of the 10 best love romance movies of all time sports a good cross-section of love stories over the years. Folks just love to watch people fall in love on the silver screen. There's love lost. There's love found. There's even the sometimes unhappy search for love.

  1. "Casablanca" -- Whether Humphrey Bogart actually said, "Play it again, Sam," or not, this old black and white war time film is a classic. It is, at its very base, a romance movie -- perhaps the best love story in movie history.

  2. "West Side Story" -- Watching this film makes modern day gang activity look so scary. In contrast, this story portrays gangs as relatively innocent. In the midst of all this yout fighting, however, there is a romance movie.

  3. "Love Story" -- The '70s just seemed to have more than its share of stories about people dying. This was probably the best love and romance movie, which also involved a death, of the bunch.

  4. "Moonstruck" - When the moon fills the sky like a big pizza pie, it's either love or an Italian-American movie. This romance movie also starred Cher.

  5. "The Sound of Music" -- Love bloomed against the backdrop of World War II and the whole Nazi thing. There are kids. There is singing. But there is also a romance movie going on, as well.

  6. "The Graduate" -- Romance movies can also be a little kinky. In this romance movie, Dustin Hoffman falls in love with an older woman. That older woman also happens to be his girl's mom.

  7. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" -- Having one of the most romantic movie songs of all time, "Moon River," only makes the movie that much more romantic. This cool film still stands up well today.

  8. "Roxanne" -- Steve Martin is usually not the first actor chosen to play romantic leads. In this romance movie, however, he wears an extra big nose prop. He's also very funny in it.

  9. "The Princess Bride" - The phrase, "As you wish," means "I love you," in this fairy tale film. This romantic love movie also features smart narration from Peter Falk.

  10. "Annie Hall" -- Woody Allen is probably more of a bumbling romantic lead than Steve Martin. Yet his on and off screen romance with Diane Keaton made this both a funny and romantic film.