The 10 best love history movies display how previous loves influence today's romantic inclinations. These movies not only offer great love stories, but are also set in intriguing historical periods that enhance their realism.

  1. Dangerous Beauty.” Class divisions separate lovers; but there is a way for them to be together: she can become a courtesan. The young beauty soon becomes one of Venice’s most famous courtesans. When the Spanish Inquisition arrives and takes aim at the courtesans, the lovers face a future more perilous than they ever imagined.

  2. Sense and Sensibility.” This classic history love movie shows what can happen when traditional emotions override sensibility. The movie tells the tale of two impoverished sisters as they struggle to find true love. Sweet, romantic and with excellent historical detail, “Sense and Sensibility” is one of the best love history movies.

  3. Shakespeare in Love.” The fictional story of what induced Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet, “Shakespeare in Love” is a tale of love in Elizabethan times. A bored aristocratic young woman decides to try acting, and succeeds due to her boyish appearance. But when Shakespeare notices she is not, in fact, a man, the two fall quickly in love. Their affair induces Shakespeare to pen the famous play about ill-fated lovers.

  4. Emma.” The story of a young woman finally realizing that she’s been ignoring how she feels for her neighbor, “Emma” is a lighthearted love story. Emma's good intentions constantly backfire, but fortunately everyone ends up happy, despite her meddling. “Emma” is a great love history movie.

  5. Pride and Prejudice.” Perhaps the most famous of all Austen’s novels, the recent movie adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” portrays not only the rules that hindered true love, but also the beauty of the period. Great costumes and scenes of the British countryside provide the perfect backdrop for great acting between two characters who hate each other – only to realize that their hate exists to cover their true love. “Pride and Prejudice” is one of the best historical love movies of all time.

  6. Gone With The Wind.” When Scarlett O’Hara is thwarted from marrying the one man she desires, she sets herself on a selfish pathway of taking whatever she wants when it arrives. The result is that she eventually marries a man she thinks she despises, but whom she finds out she whole-heartedly loves when it’s too late. Dramatic, emotional and a superb story, “Gone With The Wind” is a classic love history movie.

  7. Master and Commander.” Set during the Napoleonic wars, this movie shows the love of a captain for his crew and ship. The film easily amazes viewers with its extremely realistic about the conditions of sailing during this time and its subtle depiction of how romantic love isn’t the only type of love.

  8. Cold Mountain.” As the Civil War looms, a genteel lady and worker find themselves deep in love, and needing to keep their love apart despite having almost no contact. Jude Law shines in his role as a lover willing to do whatever it takes to get back to the woman he loves, regardless of the consequences.

  9. The Notebook.” The story of two kids who fall in love one summer in the 1930s and are unable to move on is heartwarming for the very fact that viewers won’t want them to separate. Extremely romantic, “The Notebook” is a historical romance movie that shows the timelessness of true love.

  10. The Young Victoria.” This recent film depicts the devotion of two of England’s most famous monarchs: Victoria and Albert. Stunning clothing and scenery round out a brilliant plot in which the character's affection is depicted with such depth that the audience never questions the truth. This historical romance movie is one of the best films ever made.