10 Best Lifetime Drama Movies

Sunday, March 20 by Mallorie Greene

The 10 best Lifetime drama movies keep you on the edge of your as you wonder what happens next. Although Lifetime movies are geared towards the female audience, men can love these chick flicks filled with drama and action that glues you to the TV screen.

  1. "A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story" (1992) Betty Broderick had it all—a successful husband, children—a life many people envied. One day, her perfect life shatters when her attorney husband leaves Betty for a young woman, and sends the scorned wife into a rage. Meredith Baxter plays Betty Broderick.
  2. "A Face to Die For" (1996) Former Baywatch beauty Yasmine Bleath plays a young woman with a disfigured face dating a conman who talks her into robbing her boss. After the police catch her, she goes to prison. After sustaining a few injuries during a fight and a help from a surgeon, she gets a physical facial makeover and after serving her sentence, seeks out revenge as she maintain a new image.
  3. "Deceit" (2006) A young man celebrates his college graduation and is introduced to his best friend's girlfriend. After a couple meetings, the two have sex and continue the secret affair on and off, after she becomes a married woman. Although well aware it is morally wrong because of their relationships with others, things begin to unfold as his lover is not who he thought she was. Damage starts mentally and physically as the problems escalate.
  4. "Homecoming" (2009) Breaking up is hard to do, but seeing your ex with a new woman is devastating. In this Lifetime movie, Mischa Barton’s character Shelby Mercer is delighted to see her ex again, until she spots the ex boyfriend with a new love. The bitter Mercer tries everything to keep her ex's girlfriend out of his life, even if she has to kill.
  5. "Switched at Birth" (1992) Based on a true story, this emotional, touching Lifetime movie tells the tale of two women—one in excellent health and another plagued with a horrible illness, who bring home babies who were accidentally switch at the hospital. After the death of his ill wife, a man raised a daughter on his own until the biological parents learn of the mistake demand custody.
  6. "The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life is Not a Fairytale" (2006) R&B singer Fantasia Barrino struck a deal in this Lifetime movie, replaying her life into an autobiographical movie. The movie recalls her early days singing in the church, the adversaries faced as a teenager, and her rise to fame as the 2004 "American Idol" winner.
  7. "Crime of Passion" (1999) An ex stripper starts her life over again, marrying a successful doctor and becoming a step mom to his daughters. Things unravel, as their relationship turns sour. She suspects of her husband cheating and plots to kill after she sees him with another woman.
  8. "Unanswered Prayers" (2010) A man reunites with an ol high school love as old feelings re-ignite between the two. He battles with his feelings for his wife and ex flame, as he is forced to choose the woman from his past or his faithful wife of twenty years, who is the mother of his son. This Lifetime drama movie touched on the reality some people face in their marriages, which average viewers will be able to relate to
  9. Trust (2007) A married woman’s life turns upside down when begin to receive anonymous emails and letters about her husband’s affair. She hired two private investigators to prove his infidelity and when they are left with no evidence, other problems begin to surface, much worse than her husband supposed affairs.
  10. "No One Will Tell" (1996) Lifetime brings this true story to life about a timid teenager who gets involved with the star football player.  The beginning of their relationship fully blossoms but as time goes gone, the relationship becomes hell, as she suffers from extreme physical abuse, violence, and ultimately tragedy.
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