It's only in recent years that homosexuality has become mainstream, but some of the best 10 Lesbian romance movies were made decades ago. Society has gradually become more accepting of the lifestyle, and movies are the best reflection of this. Here are the ten best Lesbian romance movies:

  1. "But I'm A Cheerleader" Released in 1999 this romantic comedy is about a cheerleader whose friends and family suspect she is a Lesbian. She is sent to a straight camp to point her in the right direction, where she meets several interesting girls. This is probably one of the very best Lesbian romance movies, as it also shows adversity, albeit in a humorous light.

  2. "Tipping The Velvet" A British film set in Victorian England, "Tipping The Velvet" follows a young woman who falls in love with a male impersonator and follows her love to London.

  3. "Imagine You And Me" Also set in Britain, this one tells the story of Luce and Rachael. Luce owns a flower shop and is hired for a wedding, where she meets the bride, Rachael, and falls deeply in love with her.

  4. "Loving Annabelle" The troubled daughter of a Senator is sent to boarding school, where she falls in love with her Catholic English teacher. It has all the drama you would expect, and is one of the best lesbian romance movies.

  5. "Better Than Chocolate" This humorous film is about coming out, being a Lesbian, and falling in love. It's a very realistic story, with a few jokes but not too far from reality.

  6. "Kissing Jessica Stein" This film is, curiously enough, about two straight women who meet through a personal advertisement. They experiment with each other and satisfy their curiosity for the same sex. Although it all starts out of frustration in the heterosexual dating world, this is one of the best Lesbian romance movies.

  7. "Aimee And Jaguar" The story of a Jewish woman and the wife of a Nazi soldier in 1934 Berlin, "Aimee And Jaguar" is based on a true story. It shows the past and future of the women, in the harsh world they lived in.

  8. "Incredibly True Adventures Of Two Girls In Love" A sweet movie about two high school girls who couldn't be more different, yet fall in love and shock the world around them. Very similar premise to "Pretty In Pink".

  9. "Saving Face" A hilarious romantic comedy, "Saving Face" is about a young surgeon who has her life interrupted when her 48-year old pregnant widow mother moves in. She doesn't want a roommate, much less her mother, getting in the way of her relationship with her girlfriend. Her solution is to set her mother up with every eligible bachelor in town. "Saving Face" is an entertaining and hilarious Lesbian romance.

  10. "Gia" The story of America's first supermodels, is also the story of a great love between two women that just wasn't strong enough to defeat her love of the drug. A both uplifting and heartbreaking story, it is one of the best lesbian romance movies.