The 10 best kidnapping movies are mostly suspenseful thrillers but amongst them there are some comedies and westerns. Many of the movies kidnapping victims ar taken for money but some are taken as slaves or for the sex trade. In some of the flicks there is a short window to save the victim while in other films the search for the abducted goes on for years.

  1. “Silence of the Lambs” – This 1991 thriller has novice FBI Agent Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) hunting down “Buffalo Bill” a serial kidnapper and killer who skins his victims. Starling enlists the aid of serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) to catch “Buffalo Bill”.

  2. “Taken” – In this action packed film a retired CIA agent’s daughter has been kidnapped in Paris and is to be sold into the sex trade. The hero, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) goes to Paris where he hunts down the kidnappers and saves his daughter.

  3. “Ransom” – This suspenseful flick has the son of a rich businessman kidnapped for money. After an unsuccessful attempt to get his son back the dad (Mel Gibson) puts a bounty on the kidnappers.

  4. “The Searchers” – This 1956 Western has Ethan Edwards (John Wayne) searching for his niece who was kidnapped as a child in a Comanche raid. Edwards continues to search for her for years and is finally able to rescue his now young adult niece.

  5. “Man on Fire” – The 1987 version has washed up ex-CIA Agent John Creasy (Scott Glenn) taking on the job as a bodyguard for a twelve year old girl. The film is set in Italy and Creasy and the girl slowly become friends. The young girl is kidnapped and Creasy is wounded trying to prevent the ambush. Creasy tracks down the kidnapers and saves the girl.

  6. “Man on Fire” – This 2004 remake is set in Mexico with Denzel Washington playing the role of John Creasy. The remake is very similar to the original with Creasy being the bodyguard to nine year old Pita (Dakota Fanning). Creasy hunts down the kidnappers and in the end trades his life to save the young girl.

  7. “Nine to Five” – In this comedy three female office workers that are frustrated with their overbearing boss decide to kidnap him and hold him hostage while they start runnin the office. The ladies do such a great job running the business that their boss cannot admit to the owner of the company that he was held hostage.

  8. “Misery” – This 1990 film has James Caan playing a famous author who is seriously injured in an automobile accident. He is saved by his number one fan played by Kathy Bates; Bates turns out to be a psycho who holds him hostage.

  9. “Commando” – In this flick the daughter of a former Commando is kidnapped in order to have the father commit a political assassination. The Commando (Arnold Schwarzenegger) decides to track down the kidnappers and save his daughter in this shoot them up action flick.

  10. “Along Came a Spider” - This suspenseful film has former detective Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) searching for the kidnapped daughter of a US Senator. Cross eventually determines that a Secret Service Agent is knee deep in the plot and in the end he saves the kidnap victim.