Kidnapping movies aren’t always chilling; in fact, the 10 best kidnapped movies are more like suspense thrillers than horror fests. But no matter the storyline, watching people being kidnapped or held hostage usually brings some haunting interest to the film, as it does in these top 10 kidnapped movies.

  1. "Taken" Liam Neeson plays a retired spy who tries to free his kidnapped daughter. When she travels with a friend to Paris, she is kidnapped by Albanian slave traders and is forced to work in the sex trade. Liam launches his fearsome attack and uses some very nasty objects to inflict his vengeance.

  2. "Tango and Cash" When some thugs with bad accents kidnap his sister and hold her hostage to get his attention, Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash team up as an unlikely dynamic duo and storm into the villain’s fortress with guns, explosives and a truck with tank capabilities.

  3. "Just Cause" Sean Connery defends a man in court who is supposedly wrongly accused of a kidnapping. But as soon as the man is freed, he goes on a kidnapping and killing rampage that ends with a high body count and much more blood than before in one of the best kidnapped movies ever.

  4. "Man on Fire" Denzel Washington doesn’t let his drinking problem get in the way when he embarks on a mission to find a client’s kidnapped daughter. He ends up chopping off fingers, shotgun-blasting off hands and sticking explosives in some very uncomfortable body parts to find his favorite little girl.

  5. "The World is Not Enough" Get an up close and personal look at Stockholm Syndrome in “The World is Not Enough,” where Elektra King is the kidnapped daughter of a rich daddy who ends up falling in love with her captor. She pretends to be James Bond’s ally but ends up turning on him in the middle of one of the best kidnapped movies ever.

  6. "Ransom" By now, the bad guys should know better than to mess with Mel Gibson. “Ransom” finds Mel trying to pay the ransom for a kidnapped son, but when the FBI fouls up his plans, he takes the ransom money and offers it as a bounty for whoever can catch the kidnapper.

  7. "Munich" When terrorists kidnap, torture and assassinate Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics, Daniel Craig and Eric Bana begin a mission to bring their killers to their own kind of justice. This is by far one of the best action and best kidnapped movies ever.

  8. "Inside Job" When Clive Owen goes on a “goodwill” mission, he takes a “the end justifies the means route” and holds several bank customers hostage and acts as a kidnapper to get the authorities to comply with his wishes.

  9. "Gone Baby Gone" Fans of Casey Affleck get to see him act in a gritty capacity uncharacteristic of his previous roles to this point. Affleck plays a private detective sent on a mission with a partner to hunt down a pedophiliac kidnapper.

  10. "Along Came a Spider" Morgan Freeman is a tired-out detective who’s on the brink of retirement when he is tapped to locate a kidnapped daughter. What he doesn’t know is that the very person he’s using to help find the daughter was the head of the kidnappings in the first place.