Be sure to check out the 10 best interracial romance movies that are available for home entertainment. Interracial romance films have been produced in every genre. Here are the best interracial romance movies to date.

  1. "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" (1967). This interracial romance film was nominated for ten Academy Awards; it won two. The story follows an interracial couple who are engaged in the late 1960s and how their parents try to adjust to the relationship after finding out about it at their first meeting.

  2.  "Jungle Fever" (1991). This movie is about an interracial affair. After a man and woman's affair is discovered, they face difficulties in dealing with the disapproval of their families and society towards their relationship.

  3.  "Mississippi Masala" (1991). This movie is about an interracial romance in America's deep south. Before their romance can blossom, the woman's father and her new love must get over their past prejudices against each other.

  4. "Zebrahead" (1992). This interracial romance film is about a high school couple. The movie revolves around a Jewish boy who's into hip-hop that falls for an African American girl, only to be pressured by her family to back off.

  5. "The Bodyguard" (1992). This romance movie is about an ex-Secret Service agent and a superstar singer. After receiving death threats, the singer hires the ex-agent for protection, but soon the interracial pair find themselves deeply in love.

  6. "Made In America" (1993). This is an interracial romance/comedy. After an African American high school girl tracks down her European American sperm doner father, he and her mother find themselves attracted to each other.

  7. "Save The Last Dance" (2001). This movie is about a teenage interracial romance. The story follows high school couple as they try to get past their own differences in hopes that their feelings for each other can grow.

  8. "Guess Who" (2005). This is an interracial romance/comedy film. An African American couple gets the surprise of their lives when they meet their daughter's fiance. After doing a little snooping, the husband is very determined to meet his future son-in-law; but what he didn't find out is, he's European American.

  9. "The New World" (2005). This movie is about the relationship between Pocahontas and John Smith. It tells the story of how they fell in love, but missed their chance to become wed due to John's return to England, and Pocahontas' marriage to another man.

  10. "Lakeview Terrace" (2008). This movie is about the trials of an interracial couple. After moving into their dream home, the couple is harassed by their next door neighbor; a Los Angeles police officer.

Note: "Zebrahead" is the only one of these interracial romance movies that is not available on DVD.