The 10 Hindi suspense movies introduce us to the wonderful world of Indian cinema. Hindi suspense films are a unique genre containing crime and drama. These movies are made according to the highest standards of Bollywood production and have a big audience. The essential elements of each film are an unlucky love affair, crime, family feuds and class differences.

  1. “Aandhi” J.K. saves Aarti from drowning. They fall in love, get married and eventually separate. Years later, J.K. and Aarti meet again but Aarti doesn’t want anyone to know that they were married. It might affect her career as a politician.

  2. "Aitraaz” Successful businessman Raj is sexually harassed by his boss, former girlfriend Sonia. After he rejects her as a woman, she accuses him of rape

  3. “Amar” Here's another Hindi movie worth mentioning. Anju Rai is rich living with her widowed father. She decides to marry an advocate named Amarnath. They become engaged. Anju notices that Amarnath became cold and distant. Rumors arise that Amarnath molested a village girl named Sonia. Her fiancé gets killed and Sonia is arrested.

  4. “Aradhana" Arun falls in love with Vandana Tripathi.  Vandana gets pregnant. They get married. Unfortunately, he gets killed and Vandana cannot prove her marriage to Arun. She gives birth to a boy. To cover her shame, Vandana leaves the boy in an orphanage in order to adopt him later

  5. “Bombay” Here's a different kind of Hindi suspense movie. A Hindu man and a Muslim woman get married in Mumbai. They have to two children but religious differences interfere with their family life.

  6. “Deewar” This Hindi suspense movie tells the story of two brothers, Vijay and Ravi Varma. Vijay is a bandit and Ravi is a policeman who is asked to arrest Vijay.

  7. "Joh Jeeta Wohi Sikandar" This is a Hindi movie about class differences. Sanjay Lal and Ratan Lal are two brothers from a poor family. When Ratan loses a  race to a rich kid from the Rajput School, Ratan's father vows to win it back. Before the race, Ratan is almost killed.

  8. "Lagaan" This historical Hindi suspense movie is about the people of a small village in Victorian India who are determined to win a game of cricket against British occupiers.

  9. "Mughal-e-Azam" Set in the 16th century AD, this Hindi movie brings to life the tale of the doomed love affair between the Mughal Crown Prince Saleem and a court dancer whose beauty and passion starts a war between the prince and his father Mughal Emperor Akbar.

  10. "Umrao Jaan" A girl (Amiran) is abducted and sold to a brothel. There, the girl is re-named Umrao Jaan. Umrao becomes a talented poetess and dancer. She has many lovers, most powerful amongst them are Nawab Sultan and his father. The young Nawab is in love with Umrao's, but is forced to marry a girl of his family’s choice. Heartbroken, Umrao marries Faiz Ali only to find out that he is a ruthless killer.