The best French romance movies is a combination in terminology of the obvious. Nobody does romance like the French. France was also the birthplace of film in the 19th century, so the best French romance movies is to be expected. They will make you fall in love and see parts of yourself in their stories. They will also stay with you for a long time to come, which is more than some real life romances.

  1. "Cyrano De Bergerac" is still one of the best French romance movies. The classic love triangle, fear of rejection, miscommunication and self sacrifice weave together in this 1950 version. 

  2. "La Belle et la Bete" is a 1946 version of Beauty and the Beast. It’s one of the best French romance movies because it focuses on the ability of true love to see past the outer appearances. This version was voted #26 of “The 100 Best Film of World Cinema” by Empire magazine.

  3. "Horseman on the Roof" is a tale of unfulfilled love. The film takes place in 1832 France during a war between Italy and Austria. Colonel Pardi and Pauline de Theus are thrown together through their missions. He is raising funds for the war while escaping Austrian spies, and she is searching for her husband. It contains romantic tension that harks back to the days of troubadours. 

  4. "Children of Paradise" is one of the best French romance movies telling the tale of a courtesan and the four men that love her. It’s set in Paris during 1830 to 1848. Garance, the courtesan, ultimately leaves all four men because they each want her love on their own terms. It was voted “Best French Film Ever” by French critics.

  5. "Amelie" is a French romantic comedy. It’s set in modern day Paris and follows the story of a shy waitress who lives a very lonely life. She decides to dedicate herself to bringing happiness into the lives of others in quirky and ingenious ways. The question becomes, however, can she overcome her own shyness, and reach for happiness as well?

  6. "Les Enfants du Siecle" is one of the best French romance movies based on the true life love affair between two 19th century literary greats. Alfred du Mosset hooks up with George Sand, who has just left her marriage. They begin as friends, but it grows into an intense relationship that sparks some of their best literary works.

  7. "Jules and Jim" follows the friendship of two men and their love for free spirited, Catherine. It follows war, and the marriage of Jules and Catherine. Then the unraveling, it appears, of Catherine’s mind begins. Catherine and Jim become lovers with Jules’ blessings. He wants the chance to keep seeing her. It works initially, but the storm between Jim and Catherine bring tragic results. Friendship, obsessive love and self sacrifice all come together here.

  8. "Betty Blue" is one of the best French romance movies about Betty, a beautiful and unpredictable young woman. Zorg is a beach resort handyman/novelist. Betty’s behavior becomes strangely irrational after they move to the city. The film focuses on how Zorg deals with this. 

  9. "Hiroshima Mon Amor" is set 1959 Hiroshima Japan. It follows a French actress working in Japan who meets a Japanese architect. The film uses the French New Wave style to recount a love story set against the aftermath of the Hiroshima bomb of 1945. Particularly, the effects of radiation poisoning on the populace.

  10. "L’Annee derniere a Marienbad" is French modernist cinema that contains an obsessive love story mixed with mental acrobatics. One character is constantly repeating the cycle of trying to remind his love that she promised to be with him forever. She has no memory of this, or that they were even lovers. This replays like an awful dream. It’s disjointed with no regard for linear time, but each replay contains small differences. She begins to remember.