Laugh and cry with tales of love and woe with the ten best French love movies. If there is one thing that the French are good at is making films that explore the many facets of love. Unlike most American love stories, the ten best French love movies don’t always end with the hunky guy getting the girl or a white wedding. The ten best French love movies take a more complex approach to love and relationships by looking at the things that bring us together as well as what drives us apart.

  1. “A Heart in Winter” Few things are as passionate as music and love triangles, and this one of the ten best French love movies has both. The front man for a violin maker falls for a beautiful soloist, but she only has eyes for his reclusive partner.

  2. “Betty Blue” This makes the list of the ten best French love movies because it is a stunning mixture of French farce and Greek tragedy. When a beautiful but volatile women is hell bent on on getting her boyfriend’s novel published her love and her temper slow spiral out of control leaving her love to suffer its consequences.

  3. “Hiroshima Mon Amour” In this French love movie, a French actress and a Japanese architect have an affair and fall in the wake of the horror of Hiroshima after WWII.

  4. “Angel-A” Where most of the movies that made the list of the ten best French love movies focus their energy on romantic love, this one focuses on finding ways to love yourself. A small time hustler and a beautiful woman strike up a bizarre relationship after he saves her from a suicide attempt. But what starts out as a relationship based on debasing pleasure, turns into a deep exploration of the mans emotional self.

  5. “Girl on the Bridge” Where most romantic comedies wait until the very end for the main characters to get together, this French love movie makes the characters' chemistry fairly obvious from the beginning but keeps them reluctant to be together. Keeping the film light and the characters apart gives this movie a slightly more realistic air that makes it one of the ten best French love movies.

  6. “The Last Metro”Set during the German occupation of France during WWII, this French love movie is a touching story about a Jewish theater owner and the loving wife who helps conceal him from the Nazis.

  7. “Love Me if You Dare”  This movie made the list of the ten best French love moves because it lets a reluctant romance build over the course of a lifetime. Since they were kids Julien and Sophie have dared each other to commit outrageous stunts, but as they get older they have to face the fact that their stunts are just a way to hide their feelings.

  8. “Paris, Je T’Aime”  Romantic love, love lost, self love and love for the City of Lights combine in this one of the ten best French love movies. Through a series of shorts, viewers roam the neighborhoods of Paris seeking the remains of love exhumed, lost, found and rekindled.

  9. “A Man and A Woman”  A chance meeting at their children’s school ignites a friendship between a widow and a widower, but despite their feelings for each other, neither of them is able to get past the pain of loosing a spouse to embark on this new relationship. Showing the complexities of love and grief is what makes this one of the ten best French love movies.

  10. “Priceless”  If you’re looking for a movie that is more of a traditional romantic comedy, this French love movie is for you. Audrey Tautou stars as a gold digger who slowly falls for a bartender she thinks is a wealthy business man.