Watch one of the 10 best first love movies as a way to journey down memory lane or dream of what’s to come. All of these movies demonstrate common life milestone, but each movie offers their own twist on the idea.

  1. "My Girl" - This movie is a young love movie more based on the idea of a first kiss and first tug at the heart rather than lasting love. It has young characters but any woman who has a crush as a child and experienced her first love at a young age can relate to this movie.

  2. "A Walk to Remember" - This is the classic bad boy good girl story, but it isn’t so much the good girl gets with a bad boy as it is the bad boy can’t help falling in love with her. It is a sad movie, but a romantic movie, and one everyone should see.

  3. "13 going on 30" - Sometimes that nerdy boy next door will make you more happy then anyone else ever could. You just gotta give him a chance! This is exactly what this movie is about. Don't give up on your first love. It may be the one that sticks.

  4. "Juno" - Usually it’s dating, marriage then a baby in a baby carriage. This friendship starts with a pregnancy and ends with a love that grew out of friendship.  This first love movie is one that will last. It has witty humor, making it less goopy in love and more sentimental. 

  5. "Dirty Dancing" - This shows the fiery passion a teenage girl feels when she falls in love for the first time. This irresistible movie will make everyone dream of being seventeen again.

  6. "Sweet Home Alabama" - Sometimes you will run from your childhood, hometown and country roots just to realize there is no where better to be. And sometimes, that first love sticks around forever.

  7. "Love and Basketball" - Friends who are always there. A love that suffers through trash and makes it out on the other end. A foundation that in the end, will neve break. This is a great movie about a true love that grows, with growing pains of course.

  8. "Say Anything" - This is the story of an unlikely love that blossoms deeply. True romantics will love the movie and everything it stands for.

  9. "The Notebook" - Even if your love walks away for a little bit, if it’s meant to be she will come back. This movie is for the hopeful romantic who believes that first loves can last.

  10. "Lady and the Tramp" - Even in the animal world, true love prevails. This may be a silly choice, but its lighthearted movie about love in every way shape and form.

Everyone’s has their own story of first love. Gather around a group of friends; watch a couple of these movies and reminisce about your own love experiences!