Do you want to check out the 10 best film dramas from Indonesia? These movies are all acclaimed and span the past four decades. These are must-watch for anyone who enjoys dramatic film. Read on for the list of 10 best Indonesian film dramas:

  1. "The Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly". In this Indonesian film drama, several different characters are featured in vignettes about the nature of identity. They question who they are and eventually learn to find their places in the world. The movie won several awards at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Singapore International Film Festival, and the Nantes Three Continents Festival.

  2. "Max Havelaar". This is an older, Dutch-language Indonesian drama in which a Dutch colonial officer strives to make changes in 19th century Indonesia. The movie won Best European Film at the Bodil Awards.

  3. "Gie". This biographical Indonesian drama is the life story of activist and history student Soe Hok Gie. The movie won the Special Jury Prize at both the Asia-Pacific Film Festival and the Singapore International Film Festival.

  4. "Oeroeg". In this Indonesian drama, a man joins the Dutch army during the tumultuous time when the Dutch East Indies declared their independence. The film won the Golden Calf Award at the Nederlands Film Festival.

  5. "The Photograph". An escort struggling to raise money to better her daughter's life and pay off her debts befriends an elderly photographer in this Indonesian drama. The film won several awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

  6. "Leaf on a Pillow". This Indonesian drama is a story told from the perspective of a middle-aged woman as she viewed the negative aspects of her society and community. The movie won Best Actress and Best Film at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

  7. "Merantau". This martial-arts action drama is the story of a man preparing to set off on his coming of age journey and make a life for himself. When he moves to the city of Jakarta, he encounters a level of danger that he never imagined.

  8. "Ada apa dengan cinta?". This Indonesian teen film is the dramatic story about two high school students who fall in love. It is notable and controversial because it is the first time a kissing scene between teenagers was shown in an Indonesian movie.

  9. "Lady Dragon". This is an Indonesian action/drama about a CIA agent who travels to Indonesia to avenge her husband's death. The people she meets along the way change her life.

  10. "The Gathering". This drama is about a group of thirty-somethings who are members of Jakarta's social elite. The story, about three lifelong friends, is one of the most honest stories about Indonesia's class system in cinema.