If you ever think that you need a little romance in your life, then just grab one of these 10 best Filipino romance movies. Plop it unto your home theater, and watch it with your friends, with your special someone, or even alone.  Watching these movies take you away from the mundane things of everyday life and may even relieve a bit of stress.

  1. “My Amnesia Girl” -  This Star Cinema romantic movie is guaranteed to make you squeal with delight.  Not only it is the number one top grossing Filipino romance film of 2010, it also features the pair up of two actors (John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga) who sparks a lot of on-screen chemistry off each other.

  2. “Miss You Like Crazy” - This romantic film reunites John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo as they play Alan and Mia who is on a whirlwind romance of a match seemingly made in heaven.  Throw into the plot the complexities of a long-distance love affair, an unknowing fiancée on the side, great cinematography, and you get a perfectly crafted Filipino love triangle. 

  3. “You To Me are Everything” - This romance movie is a “Princess Diaries” kind of a Filipino story which appeals to the romantic in all of us.  The classic wheel-of-fortune plot, wherein a rich guy, Raphael suddenly finds himself poor as a rat and in the tender mercies of a simple girl from the province, Iska, who becomes an heiress overnight.  Iska seeks the business acumen of Raphael, and things (romance or otherwise) pretty much develop from there.

  4. “Babe, I Love You” - Despite differences in personality and interests, love and romance boil down to this one principle—opposites attract.  Sam Milby has come a long way as a polished actor in this romance movie about a university professor who falls for a salesgirl, Sasa (Anne Curtis).  This romantic movie definitely teaches us a thing or two about falling head over heels with someone who’s totally out of league.

  5. “Paano na Kaya?”  - Most often friends fall for each other and take their relationship a notch higher.  This is the essence of this Filipino romance movie. Watch this best friends-turned-lovers grope their way through their budding romance. 

  6. “For the First Time” - “You are the perfect girl, not just the right one for me.”  That hurts.  All agog to see how the story would turn out?  Then, this romantic Filipino movie is a must see, especially that this is the first ever movie of KC Concepcion as well as her first team-up with Richard Gutierrez

  7. “I Will Always Love You” - The “lovers against all odds” theme has yet to fail in its romantic appeal in Filipino romance movies.  Now, if you simply don’t have time and patience to watch long drama episodes in TV, this movie is perfect and that's why it's one of our best Filipino Romance Movies.

  8. “Moments of Love” - This Filipino romance movie has the familiar poignancy of “Somewhere in Time.”  The plot in itself has an ethereal quality which never fails to leave that feeling of speculation and of wanting to rewrite the storyline to fit our version of a happy ending.

  9. “All About Love” - This Filipino romance movie is a trilogy that enlightens us to the multitude of ways love affects our lives, our fate in love, and the courage it takes to love someone more than your life.  The three romantic stories include Promdi, Kalesa, and About Anna, and is quite perfect if you want variety in plots.

  10. “Blue Moon” - The adult audience would definitely have a field day on this movie.  Starring the all-time favorites Eddie Garcia as Manuel Pineda and Boots Anson-Roa as Corazon, this is an emotionally-charged Filipino romance story that never fades with time.