Prepare those hankies and rolls of tissue when you watch the 10 best Filipino drama movies. Sad and melodramatic as these drama movies are, they offer us the most valuable lessons in life and make us reflect about our very own existence.

  1. “Magnifico”  -  Magnifico or “magnificent” is totally an apt word to describe this drama movie.  It is a touching tale of hope amidst adversities, of facing these difficulties with all the courage you can master. It is considered one of the best Filipino Dramas of all time.

  2. “Tanging Yaman” - How does a family get along with each other?  This heartrending drama opens your eyes to what truly makes a family.  It teaches us about the power of love and faith, the crippling effects of controlling the lives of others, the ugly face of jealousy and insecurity, and the peace within oneself as a result of acceptance.

  3. “Sa ‘Yo Lamang” (“Only Yours”)- A sequel of “Tanging Yaman”, this drama movie comes alive with heart wrenching performances from award-winning Filipino actors.  This drama runs on the same underlying theme as that of its predecessor, but with a different plot.

  4. “Mano Po Movie Series” - The Mano Po movie series are compelling tales of Filipino-Chinese merchants who seek to find their niche in Philippine society and history.  The drama movies are told from the viewpoint of the Filipino-Chinese and talks of their struggle as families bearing a different culture, how they have earned their place in Philippine history, and whose very lives are threatened by unscrupulous individuals. A must see Filipino drama

  5. “Nasaan Ka Man” (“Wherever You Are”) - This compelling dramatic love story boasts of awe-inspiring scenes of Baguio, dramatic cinematography, and potent theatrics of primary performing artists in the country.  For all outward appearance of a happy family, secrets shroud the family. Why is it on our list of the best Filipino drama movies? Because it will make you cry and think about life in a way you can never imagine.

  6. “I Love You, Goodbye” - Does infidelity have a price?  Yes, it does—a lot of hurt and drama.  This movie explores the struggle of a woman who loves two men, and the realization that in the end her heart can only belong to one. 

  7. “Anak” - This drama is a heartbreaking tale of a mother who sought to do her best to provide for her family by working abroad. This Filipino drama movie is really a must see for the whole family.

  8. “Baler”- An award winning movie in the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival.  It won major awards for Best Picture, Best Festival Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Festival Screenplay and Best Festival Director for Mark Meily.  The fact that it won major awards and is internationally recognized merits this drama movie a spot as one of the best Filipino drama movies.

  9. “A Love Story” - If you fall in love with somebody, how far would you go?  Would you let him go? This story revolves around a man who happens to love two women—his wife and his mistress.  The unusual twist of the story is that the movie presents the situation such that the audience is left to guess until the end wh the other woman is---and surprisingly so!

  10. “Panaghoy sa Suba” (“Cry of the River”) - In contrast to the Filipino movies whose medium is Tagalog, this drama movie directed by Cesar Montano (also an actor) uses the Visayan dialect boldly.