The 10 best European history movies are entertaining and educational. European history is rich and full of stories. Each country has a great amount of history, and the films that portray those stories are wonderful.

  1. "Marie Antoinette." This movie is rich with European history. As many know the story of the last Queen of France, her life was filled with turmoil and confusion. Sofia Coppola recreated this world in a way that no one else has.

  2. "Nicholas and Alexandra." Russia's czar Nicholas II, was overthrown and exiled to Siberia. This movie shows the last days of the royal life of this monarch. As he was oblivious to the needs of his people.

  3. "Paths of Glory." This movie takes place during the brutal World War I. It portrays the story of a French army commander who has to forgo losing his men after a general, seeking more than he bargained for, falls under an attack. This movie picks apart the very nature of war and the specific troubles in European war history.

  4. "The Red Baron." This movie tells the tale of a talented German fighter pilot who falls in love during World War I. He is a great pilot, but realizes he is used for propaganda and becomes torn between flying with his comrades and hating the war itself. This film shows the tactics used by German government and how it effected those who participated in it.

  5. "Amadeus." During the time that Mozart was creating music, musicians were major influences on politics. Much like political writers today, their opera's spoke about common issues of the land. In "Amadeus", Mozart uses music as a blank canvas for the major politic topics in European history.

  6. "Land And Freedom." This film follows a young communist who leaves home in Liverpool, to help Spain fight Fascism during their civil war. He joins several different anti-Fascism groups. This film shows the history of Spain's civil war from the eyes of a young and naive hero.

  7. "The Queen." When Lady Diana's tragic passing happened, Europe and the world couldn't believe what happened. This movie tells what has happened with HRM Queen Elizabeth II. Being the most recognized monarch in Europe, her reaction was roughly criticized throughout.

  8. "Elizabeth." This movie follows the young and treacherous life of "The Virgin Queen." She is threatened throughout her reign by the likes of France and Spain. Still somehow managing to be the lead in European monarchies. As a woman, she dominates history.

  9. "Gandhi." This biographical film about the Indian leader, Gandhi, follows decades of his life. His wisdom, not only changed the passion of India, but the hearts of Europe and the world. As the British fight to maintain rule over Indian, Gandhi taught the world how to fight empires and love individuals.

  10. "Schindler's List." This film is told from the viewpoint of a Nazi commander who has the ability to save the Jewish people who he empathizes with. He must be careful not to be caught, but wants to do his best. World War II effected all of Europe and is a teaching point throughout history.