10 Best Erotic Romance Movies

Friday, March 25 by URDOLLZFacts

The 10 best erotic romance movies are a mixture of steamy scenes that will rock your kink world. Even your girl might like these selections. It's up to you to decide what you think of the selection. They are a selection of sexy movies that range from intense kink to basic kink. 

  1. "The Lover" It is rated at number one because it is steamy, sexy and the kinkiest on the list. You have to see what happens between the French school girl and the millionaire Asia man. It is naughty and steamy as it gets. Even for the category of foreign film, it is a really exotic movie.
  2. "Henry and June" This one has it's kink aimed at the women. One very steamy couple take on a female lover. This leads to all sorts of steamy, sexy fun in the bedroom and out of the bedroom. You have to see it for yourself to believe it. Two erotic writers fall in love. The only problem is that one of them is married. This makes it very complicated until things get really steamy. It is a wonderful choice of the 10 best erotic romance movies.
  3. "Wild Orchid" It is one of the wildest rides in romance. It revolves around the soft porn story of Mickey Rourke  and his lover. It is hot and soft porn at best. Their only plot is that two people like to have sex everywhere to could imagine.
  4. "Lolita" This one is about a grown man having sex with his step daughter. I kid you not. It is really out there in the erotic romance category. The man moves in with a woman and proceeds to seduce her daughter. If that is what you like then this is your first choice from the 10 best erotic romance movies.
  5. "36 Fillette" The movie is the French version of "Lolita". In this one she teases him and he falls in love and becomes her sex slave of sorts.
  6. "Beau Pere" The subject is more delicately handled by this movie. The French really do any movie justice. It is a very good choice from the 10 best erotic romance movies.
  7. "Lies" This film is a great choice if S and M is your kink for erotic romance movies. This is the best one for S and M from the list of the 10 best erotic romance movies. It is Asian in nature. Any fan of the Asian series would enjoy this movie.
  8. "The Story of O" This film is about orgasms. It is steamy, hot and a fun movie. The kink level of this is wonderful. You will enjoy it. Perhaps you will orgasmic ally  enjoy it.
  9. "Lie With Me" It is hot though. The kink is really nice in this film. Enjoy it if you want a good old fashioned steamy flick.
  10. "Sex and Lucia" This film is a wonderful erotic movie. It is about a woman that is on a path to self-awareness. She does this through her sexual escapades. In the end she has to face some serious facts. Meanwhile some real sex is happening.
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