If you're planning a film night with your sweetheart, check out the 10 best drama romantic movies. Not only do these films tell great stories, but they'll touch both your hearts.

  1. “Out of Africa.”  One of the ten best drama romantic movies, “Out of Africa” is based on the experiences of Karen Blixen in Africa. She tries her hand at managing a coffee plantation and falls in love with Denys Finch Hatton, a big game hunter. Masterfully written and acted, “Out of Africa” soars as high as Finch Hatton's airplane.

  2. “Somewhere in Time.” Based on a novel by Richard Matheson, “Somewhere in Time” is the perfect film for hopeless romantics. A time-travel romance, this film is perfectly cast with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour as the couple whose love transcends time and death.

  3. “The Accidental Tourist.” The theme of this film, one of the best drama romantic movies, can be summed up as “opposites attract.” Macon Leary, who has recently separated from his proper and uptight wife, finds himself attracted to an unconventional, spontaneous young woman who trains dogs.

  4. “Cold Mountain.” Based on the well-received novel by Charles Frazier, “Cold Mountain,” the film doesn't disappoint. Inman falls in love with the beautiful and refined Ada, only to have to leave her to fight in the Civil War. While recovering from a wound, he leaves the hospital, at her urging, to return home to her.

  5. “Casablanca.” A timeless classic, “Casablanca” is one of the best drama romantic movies of all time. Cynical Rick Blaine is moved to heroic action when the woman who broke his heart comes back into his life. With the rekindling of their love comes the rallying of Rick's capacity to care what happens not just to “three little people” but to the “crazy world.”

  6. “The Piano.” In “The Piano,” an eccentric and talented young woman leaves an abusive marriage to find love with a man who respects her for her free-spirited ways and doesn't long to cage her. Holly Hunter performs excellently in this film, not only as an actress but as a pianist. The film also has a fascinating setting:  the backwater of New Zealand.

  7. “Children of a Lesser God.” In one of the best drama romantic movies ever, a teacher of the deaf falls in love with a young deaf woman who works as a janitor. The teacher quickly realizes how smart she is and wants to help her learn to speak. They fall in love, but because of their different expectations, they experience difficulties.

  8. “The Bridges of Madison County.” A poignant film about forbidden love, “The Bridges of Madison County” tells the story of a married but lonely woman who falls in love with a traveling photographer. They spend only four days together, but the experience changes both their lives.

  9. “Legends of the Fall.”One of the best drama romantic movies, “Legends of the Fall” is both a family saga and a romance.  Thre brothers find themselves in love with the same woman, who falls progressively more and more in love with only one of them: the one she can't have.

  10. “Immortal Beloved.” Based on the life of Ludwig van Beethoven, “Immortal Beloved” theorizes about the identity of the mystery woman he addressed with deep love in three of his letters. The film is one of the best drama romantic movies, but in real life, the mystery of Beethoven's beloved remains unsolved.