The list of 10 best drama movies that came out in 2007 includes an unusual number of films that involve crime and violence. Such topics are always popular movie subjects, and several films of that type usually make the annual list of best drama movies. But, 2007 produced more than its share of very fine crime thrillers as you can see from the list compiled below. 

  1. “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.” The plot of this movie is simple. A man who suffers a stroke has “locked-in syndrome” and can only move one eye. It sounds boring, but the film is so well-done that many critics enthusiastically endorsed it as one of the ten best drama movies of 2007.

  2. “There Will Be Blood.” This film tells the story of the rise of a ruthless, greedy oil baron early in the twentieth century. The tycoon eventually alienates everyone, including his adoptive son. Some critics believe that not only is this the best drama movie of 2007, but that it's the best movie of the decade.

  3. “No Country for Old Men.” A hunter stumbles across a group of dead drug dealers who have killed each other in a shootout and left two million dollars in cash lying nearby. The man takes the money, but is soon on the run from a professional killer who knows he has it. This film won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

  4. “Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.” Two brothers decide to pull off the perfect, nonviolent, victimless crime by robbing their parents jewelry story. Only things go terribly wrong, and their mother winds up dead. This film is one of the best drama movies of 2007 because of the masterful job done by director Sidney Lumet.

  5. “Michael Clayton.” A high powered law firm's “fixer” is called in when a senior partner has a complete mental breakdown during an important case. The trouble shooter starts pulling strings to clean up the mess, but he has problems of his own. It seems someone wants him dead. This thrilling drama made the top ten ten lists of many film critics in 2007.

  6. “Atonement.” A thirteen year old girl, who is a budding writer, misinterprets a young man's actions and falsely accuses him of raping a relative. This film was nominated for many awards and was counted as one of the best drama movies of 2007.

  7. “Gone Baby Gone.” This film was one of the best dramatic movies of 2007 because it was received with equal enthusiasm by both critics and audiences. This picture tells the story of two tough private investigates who are trying to find a missing four-year old girl.

  8. “American Gangster.” A gangster rises to the top in Harlem by becoming the biggest heroin distributor in America. His only trouble is that he's being pursued by an incorruptible cop. This drama was one of the most financially successful and popular films of 2007.

  9. “Eastern Promises.” A young girl dies in childbirth, leaving behind a diary written in Russian. A midwife decides to use the diary to track down the girl's family. She gets more than she bargained for when the diary leads to the Russian Mafia, who decide that they want he midwife dead. Many critics and award committees selected this film as one of the best drama movies of 2007.

  10. “Interview.” A once powerful and respected journalist is assigned the tabloid grade work of interviewing a soap opera star whose main claim to fame is that she had breast reduction surgery. This is an independent film that didn't get much notice, but a surprisingly good performance by Sienna Miller makes this one of the best drama movies of 2007.