Included among the 10 best drama movies that came out in 2005 are biographical films, novel adaptations, and dramatizations of real events. The list does not include dramatic movies from 2005 that rely primarily on action, thrills, horror, fantasy, and science fiction to advance the story. To be included on the list of best dramas of 2005, a movie must be be driven primarily by acting and plot. 

  1. “Capote.” This drama features a tour de force performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman in the title role. It won him the Best Actor Oscar. The movie covers several years of author Truman Capote's life, primarily when he was researching his famous book, “In Cold Blood.”

  2. “Crash.” This film has to be included as one of the year's best drama movie since it won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2005. Many of the characters in this movie are members of various minority groups, and the film examines racism, prejudice, and gender inequity from an unusual perspective.

  3. “The Constant Gardener.” A mild-mannered British diplomat's wife is savagely murdered in north Kenya. To the surprise of his superiors, the diplomat begins a relentless investigation into his wife's death. He not only discovers secrets about his wife, but also trips over a conspiracy involving an enormous pharmaceutical manufacturer.

  4. “Brokeback Mountain.” This isn't just one of the best drama movies of 2005, it's also one of the most shocking and controversial films of recent years. The movie tells the story of the physical and romantic relationship over time between two cowboys. This film won numerous accolades, including several Academy Awards. It did not, however, win the Best Picture Oscar, a fact that some attribute to its contentious subject matter.

  5. “North Country.” Charlize Theron is superb as a woman working as an iron miner, a job traditionally held exclusively by men. Outnumbered by their male colleagues, the female miners endure sexual harassment and hazing on a massive scale. This excellent drama tells the story of a woman who fights to stop the abuse.

  6. “Good Night, and Good Luck.” This film depicts the battle between celebrated CBS News journalist Edward E. Murrow and Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose scare tactics in pursuing supposed Communists in the government and society ruined careers and lives. This film is one of the best drama movies of 2005 because it tells a true story in convincing fashion.

  7. “Cinderella Man.” This movie is based on the true story of underdog boxer James J. Braddock's successful quest for the heavyweight championship. This is a “Rocky”-like story that really happened. The film was not a commercial success, but reviewers considered it one of the best drama movies of 2005.

  8. “Pride and Prejudice.” This film is one of the most faithful depictions of Jane Austen's famous novel. An intelligent, spirited young woman in 19th century England becomes romantically involved with a wealthy, socially superior man that she despises. This story has been a favorite for nearly 200 years, and this movie is an exceptionally good adaptation of the novel.

  9. “The Squid and the Whale.” This film is the story of a hateful divorce and its effect on a teenager and his brother. The children are split and have a difficult time dealing with the bitterness of their parent's break-up. This film achieves greatness because it successfully portrays a variety of emotions from humor to anger.

  10. “Walk the Line.” This drama is a biopic about the early life of musician Johnny Cash. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon give outstanding performances in this movie. Phoenix also does a superb job of singing in the film, even fooling some long-time Cash fans.