The 10 best drama movies of 2007 feature some of the most highly touted Oscar nominees in recent memory. These movies were directed by Oscar winners and legends of cinema, all providing intense moments. From award winners to cult favorites, these movies stand the test of time.

  1. “No Country For Old Men” – The Coen Brothers picked up an Oscar for this dark western tale, one of the best drama movies of 2007. Josh Brolin stars as a man who comes across a briefcase full of stolen money. Javier Bardem won an Oscar for his role as the man sent to kill him.

  2. “There Will Be Blood”Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar for his portrayal as a man who gave up his humanity for the price of oil in this, one of the best drama movies of 2007. P.T. Anderson adapts the Upton Sinclair novel “Oil” in a movie that is part horror and part family drama.

  3. “Michael Clayton” – George Clooney stars as Michael Clayton, a fixer working for a law firm that ends up in the middle of a large conspiracy in this, one of the best drama movies of 2007. Tony Gilroy, who wrote the “Bourne Identity” earned an Oscar nomination for both writing and directing this movie.

  4. “The King of Kong” – While technically a documentary, this movie about two men trying to break the “Donkey Kong” video game record is one of the best drama movies of 2007. Billy Mitchell is the arrogant record holder and a natural enemy for good hearted teacher Steve Wiebe who sets out to break the record.

  5. “Gone Baby Gone” – Ben Affleck makes his directorial debut in this movie, starring his younger brother Casey. Based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, “Gone Baby Gone” showcases two detectives trying to find a missing child in one of the best drama movies of 2007.

  6. “Into the Wild” – Directed by actor Sean Penn, “Into the Wild” tells the story of one man who gives all his belongings to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. One of the best drama movies of 2007, Emile Hirsch stars in this movie based on a true story.

  7. “American Gangster” – Denzel Washington stars as Frank Lucas, a true-life New York gangster from the ‘70s in one of the best drama movies of 2007. Ridley Scott directs Lucas as an honorable family man while Russell Crowe stars as the broken cop chasing him.

  8. “Zodiac”David Fincher, the director behind movies such as “Fight Club” and “Seven” directs this intense, moody film, one of the best drama movies of 2007. The movie tells the story of the unsolved Zodiac murders from the ‘60s from the point of view of the journalist investigating the crimes.

  9. “Grace is Gone” – John Cusack stars as a father of two girls and whose wife dies in the war in Iraq. One of the best drama movies of 2007, the movie is a story of a father trying to connect with his two daughters on a road trip before he can tell them about the passing of their mother.

  10. “Before the Devil Knows Your Dead” – Tragically, this was the last movie of legendary filmmaker Sydney Lumet, who also directed “12 Angry Men” and “Dog Day Afternoon.” In his final movie, one of the best drama movies of 2007, Ethan Hawke and Philip Seymour Hoffman star as brothers who organize a robbery of their parent’s jewelry store to score some cash.