The 10 best drama films are all deeply emotional experiences. If you’re looking for a movie that tugs at the heartstrings and simultaneously makes you think, any movie on this list will do the trick. Drama is a very wide-ranging genre, and you’ll find all sorts of different styles, but most of the movies have tremendous acting and sharp writing.

  1. “Tokyo Story” This Japanese film is arguably the greatest drama film of all time. It’s about some young people who feel that their elderly parents are a burden, and how that leads to emotional pain for everybody.

  2. “The Grapes of Wrath” This is one of the best drama films based on a classic book. It’s about a family of poor farmers during the depression and the things they have to do in order to survive.

  3. “The Straight Story” Director David Lynch isn’t necessarily known for making the best drama films, but this one is really amazing. It’s about an old man who rides a lawn mower on the side of the road for many miles so that he can see his sick brother.

  4. “Rashomon” Some may argue that this is the greatest Japanese film of all time, and it’s certainly one of the best drama films you’ll ever see. It tells the story of a woman being sexually assaulted from several different points of view, leaving the audience to decide what really happened.

  5. “Monster’s Ball” This may be the most depressing movie ever made. It’s about a man and a woman who both lose children and how they help support each other emotionally.

  6. “Casablanca” This is well known as one of the best drama films ever made in Hollywood. It’s about romance, and hard choices against the backdrop of an exotic locale. This is one of those movies that’s truly great by any standard.

  7. “All That Heaven Allows” This is easily one of the best drama films of its time. It deals with a widow who falls head over heels for a much younger guy, and the controversy that ensues.

  8. “Marnie” Many Alfred Hitchcock fans aren’t aware that he also made some of the best Drama films, but "Marnie" is fantastic. It’s about a thief with emotional problems and the man that falls in love with her. 

  9. “Vera Drake” This movie tells the story of a woman who performs illegal abortions. It's smart, interesting, and very well acted.

  10. “The Ice Storm” This is one of the most thought provoking drama movies ever created. The story deals with parents who are too self-involved to pay attention to their children and how that leads to tragedy.