The following top 10 doctor movies include a variety of doctor roles. Whether you want to watch a film about the kind of Dr. many patients have grown to resent or root for a downhearted father who holds an emergency room hostage, you are sure to find a great movie from the following list.

  1. “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” (2009). A true story about a man who lived in poverty, a broken home, had bad grades and a bad temper. Throughout everything, his mother encouraged him to fulfill his dreams of becoming a doctor. Ben Carson followed his dreams and become a world leading neurosurgeon. Cuba Gooding Jr. does a fantastic job in his role as Ben Carson.

  2. “John Q” (2009). Denzel Washington plays “John Q,” a man who takes an emergency room in Chicago hostage when he is told to take his son, who collapsed on the baseball field home because, the insurance company will not pay for the much needed heart transplant. The film will leave viewers either rooting for the father or calling him a vigilante. Also staring in the movie are Robert Duvall, Gabriela Oltean, Kimberly Elise and Ron Annabelle.

  3. “Something The Lord Made” (2004). A true story about two men, played by Alan Rickman and Mos Def, who broke and bent rules in order to design a unique form of performing heart surgery. One of the men, a janitor ended up working side by side with a cardiac surgeon, helped him develop medicine and techniques that saved thousands of lives. Throughout the film there are social pressures that threaten the friendship of the men. This film won an Emmy in 2004 for outstanding made-for-TV movie.

  4. “Obsessed” (2002). Jenna Elfman plays the role of Ellena Roberts a medical writer who gets arrested for making threats to a man she supposedly had an affair with. While in jail she recounts how what started as a one night stand with a married surgeon, David Stillman (Sam Robards), grew into a long term relationship. The case goes to court and the audience learns the truth behind Ellena Roberts madness.

  5. “Dragonfly” (2002). Kevin Costner plays a doctor that has recently lost his wife and unborn child due to an accident in a third world country where the wife was working as a missions Dr. Costner begins to experience unexplainable occurrences such as children at the hospital begin to pictures of dragonflies and a patient comes out of a coma with a message for Dr. Joe from his wife. The movie is a paranormal, drama and suspense all rolled into one great film.

  6. “City Of Angels” (1998). Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan are the main actors in this film about a heart surgeon (Ryan) who is grieving a patient when an angel (Cage) appears in order to comfort her. Although there is a rule that angels are supposed to be invisible, he is seen by the Doctor.

  7. “Patch Adams” (1998). The film is based on a true story about Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams who used a variety of tactics to put his patients at ease as well as heal them through his unusual practices. The film stars Robin Williams as Patch Adams.

  8. “The Doctor” (1991). A film about an arrogant Doctor who has everything including a horrible bedside manner. The doctor during a routine exam, finds out that he has cancer. While sick he is treated by other physicians that have the same bedside manner he was known for. Throughout the film, his attitude changes and he becomes a kinder and more caring physician.

  9. "Hollywood” (1991). Michael J. Fox plays Dr. Ben Stone, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon that wrecks his Porsche on the way to his seven figure dream job and ends up in a small country town. While waiting for his car to be repaired, he ends up having to make a decision of which job he is going to be happier with.

  10. “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (1931). There have been a few versions of this film made. The version from 1931 has received the highest reviews. Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with mind altering drugs which “create” Mr. Hyde. An older black/white but, excellent film.