Anyone that sees the 10 best death defying acts movie scenes knows that they are stunts. But when the story brings you in to that cliff-hanging scene, it has an impact. Some of the best death defying acts movie scenes would kill the average person, but these are not average people.

  1. "The Fugitive". When U.S Marshall Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) tries to bring in Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) as a suspect in the murder of Kimble's wife, the chase brings Kimble to the edge of a dam. He chooses to jump and hope that he can ride the water stream down to the base.

  2. "Sherlock Holmes". Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) is trying to figure out how the evil Lord Henry Blackwood (Mark Strong) survived a hanging that was carried out in front of dozens of witnesses. Holmes discovers how Blackwood defied death and solves the case.

  3. "Rush Hour 2". In "Rush Hour 2", Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are trying to solve a counterfeiting crime when the action moves to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, Chan performs a stunt that has him sliding down the side of a glass building and landing safely. It is interesting to watch the stunt and know that it is Chan doing it.

  4. "Stagecoach". John Wayne stars in this western about a group of people in a stagecoach under attack by Indians. There is a stagecoach stunt where a stunt man is being dragged by the horses and then slides under the stagecoach after letting go of the reigns. It was all done in real time, and the stunt man survived.

  5. "Ben-Hur". There are many stories about the dangers the actors and stunt people encountered when filming the chariot races for the movie "Ben-Hur". In one of the scenes, Judah Ben-Hur leaps over an overturned cart to avoid it. What is seen in the movie is Ben-Hur being catapulted out of the chariot, grabbing on to the front and pulling himself up avoiding being killed. That is a real stunt performed by stuntman Joe Canutt, and it nearly cost him his life.

  6. "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope". The scene where Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) swung across the chasm was one of the best death defying acts movie scenes ever. It was done in one take by Hamill and Fisher, and it had to be done in one take because that was a real twenty-foot drop that could have killed both actors.

  7. "Safety Last!". This was a Harold Lloyd movie completely based on him climbing a tall building. Lloyd was known for his death defying stunts. In this movie he really performs some extremely dangerous stunts on the outside of a building several stories up with only a mattress set up in the street to break his fall.

  8. "Salt". People do not realize that Angelina Jolie does many of her own stunts. This movie is a complicated movie about Russian spies and has a lot of action. In one scene, Jolie slowly climbs across the ledge of a building several stories up. Jolie really performed this stunt and the realism is exceptional.

  9. "Steamboat Bill, Jr.". A building falling on someone only to have that person saved by the window opening is common now. But Buster Keaton did it first in "Steamboat Bill, Jr." (1928), and with only two inches of clearance all around him Keaton was risking his life to do this stunt.

  10. "Die Hard". There are several scenes in this movie where Bruce Willis defies death. The best scene is when he jumps off the roof of the building with the fire hose wrapped around his waist. He shoots through a window and lands back in the building. But he only has seconds to get the hose off him before the hose reel drags him to his death.