The 10 best crime thrillers are filled with mystery, intrigue, cunning action, original writing, witty dialogue, interesting characters, and enough twists to keep you on the edge of your seat all throughout. Whether it's modern day crime thrillers like "Heat" and "The Town," epic superhero tales like "The Dark Knight," or futuristic crime thrillers like "Strange Days," this genre is bound to intrigue and entertain you until the closing credits present themselves.

  1. "Heat." Starring Al Pacino and Robert Di Niro, an on-screen chemistry that was a match made in heaven, "Heat" is the the ultimate crime thriller, it is the epitome of the genre, plain and simple. "Heat" features massive struggle between Pacino's police force and Di Niro's gang of bank robbers as one side hinders the other in pursuit.

  2. "Strange Days." This futuristic tale sees a murder investigation conducted by a black market seller who finds himself caught between corrupt cops, questionable friends, and a ruthless record label owner and his gang with whom his ex-girlfriend has now joined sides with. "Strange Days" is an upscale nitty-gritty crime thriller. 

  3. "The Dark Knight." Who would have thought that a superhero adaptation could make for such an innovative and stunning masterpiece of a crime thriller. "The Dark Knight" draws upon much inspiration from another crime thriller, "Heat," except here we have the Joker as Robert Di Niro and Batman as Al Pacino.

  4. "The Town." Set in Boston, Massachusetts. Ben Affleck stars as the head of a group of bank robbers whom are being pursued by a police force (led by actor Jon Hamm) in the crime-ridden streets. However, events take a turn when Affleck falls for one of their hostages played by Rebecca Hall. "The Town" is filled with pure originality and genius, making it one of the best crime thrillers.

  5. "American Gangster." Following in the vein of past gangster crime thrillers like "New Jack City" and "King of New York," "American Gangster" tells the story of one crime lord's rise and fall in the late '60s. Based on a true story, Denzel Washington plays drug lord Frank Lucas while Russell Crowe plays the head of a police squad attempting to bring him down.

  6. "Letha Weapon." Aside from being among the elite of the buddy-cop action movies, "Lethal Weapon" is quite possibly one of the best crime thrillers ever made. The film follows two mismatched Los Angeles detectives (Mel Gibson and Danny Glover) who are investigating a woman's death.

  7. "King of New York." Christopher Walken stars as a ruthless crime lord, fresh from prison, who gets back into business with a new angle -- take from the rival gangs and give back to the poor. This urban gang-orientated retelling of the Robin Hood tale makes for a cunning and gritty crime thriller.

  8. "16 Blocks." Bruce Willis plays a New York City cop who's at the end of his rope and is assigned to transport a prisoner, played by Mos Def, sixteen blocks from his jail cell to a court hearing about his case. However, a group of corrupt cops want him dead and will stop at nothing to get it done before reaching the courthouse. 

  9. "New Jack City." This modern-day urban retelling of the classic "Scarface" tale features an all star cast from Wesley Snipes, Mario Van Peebles and Judd Nelson to Ice T. Snipes plays a vicious drug lord on the rise whom a group of undercover cops led by Peebles is assigned to take out once and for all.

  10. "The Negotiator." Samuel L. Jackson stars as a police officer framed for his friend's murder in "The Negotiator," he then holds the corrupt politicians and policemen whom he believes to be responsible hostage in a Chicago skyscraper. "The Negotiator" is an entertaining crime thriller that unveils one surprise after the next.