Suspense, tension, and excitement are all traits the 10 best crime thriller movies have in common. The movies derive crime from the mob, cops, con men, and killers. It's sometimes hard to distinguish good and evil when mixing the crime and thriller genres together. Sometimes, you may find yourself rooting for the bad guy. The hero does not always come out on top in the 10 best crime thriller movies.

  1. "The Untouchables" During the 1920's Treasury agent Eliot Ness assembles a team to go against mob boss Al Capone. The  tight lipped team has to secretly devise a plan to take down Capone because other cops are in his pocket. The classic crime thriller has a realistic spin on the mob life.

  2. "The Departed" The 2006 crime thriller is about an undercover cop infiltrating the mob. On the flip side, a member of the mob has infiltrated the police force and is working as a respected officer. Each side realizes there is a something not right, and while trying to find the mole, bloodshed and crime ensue.

  3. "No Country for Old Men" A simple man finds a suitcase filled with two million dollars amongst a sea of dead men. He keeps the money which sets off a violent streak of people coming after him. One of the 10 best crime thriller's because of Javier Bardem's memorable role as the powerful man who stops at nothing to get the money.

  4. "Seven" One of the 10 best crime thriller's is about two homicide detectives desperately searching for a serial killer. The dark yet artistic crimes revolve around the seven deadly sins. The killer eventually goes after detective Mills (Brad Pitt) and his family which leads to an unforgettable show down ending.

  5. "The Usual Suspects" The 1995 crime thriller is about a crippled con-man being questioned by police about how a boat exploded, and $91 million in drug money disappeared. The flashback movie is Verbal telling the story of what led up to the explosion. One of the 10 best crime thriller movies because the twist ending can send chills down anyones spine.

  6. "Pulp Fiction" Two hitmen get the task of retrieving a stolen suitcase, and watching the mob boss' wife while he is out of town. One of the best crime thriller's because different story plots end up intertwining brilliantly. The movie has great dialog, bizarre moments, and memorable characters.

  7. "Strangers on a Train" The Alfred Hitchcock 1951 classic crime thriller is about two strangers meeting on a train. Both men express they want to kill someone because of them causing trouble in their life. One man suggests they exchange murders, which starts a chain reaction of twists and turns.

  8. "Scarface" The 1983 crime thriller revolves around drug kingpin Tony Montana and his rise in the Miami criminal empire. Tony has money, women, and respect, but when he starts doing drugs his entire world beings to crumble. The memorable catch phrase, "Say hello to my little friend" is another reason "Scarface" is one of the 10 best crime thrillers.

  9. "Reservoir Dogs" Quentin Tarantino's 1992 crime thriller is about six criminals hired for a diamond robbery. The job goes sour when the cops show up before it even gets started. The movie revolves around the men meeting up at their rendezvous point and trying to figure out which one of them is a cop.

  10. "Primal Fear" Alter boy Aaron is found covered in blood, which leads to him being accused of murdering a priest. A big time lawyer takes the case to defend Aaron, and the secrets start pouring out in court. One of the 10 best crime thrillers because the twist ending is extremely well written, and a total surprise.