The list of 10 best crime spree movies includes a number of films with shocking levels of violence. The violence in these films, as well as the perceived glorification of truly evil criminals, makes some of these movies controversial. But, even the ardent critics of these films have to admit that crime spree movies explore a dark side of the human soul that honestly fascinates most people.

  1. Bonnie and Clyde.” This film is far and away the best crime spree movie ever made. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway star as the famed bandit couple of the 1930s. This film is especially violent and is groundbreaking in its portrayal of sexual situations.

  2. “A Clockwork Orange.” This is a science fiction film starring Malcolm McDowell as a young man who leads a gang of boys on a crime spree of assault, robbery, and murder. The film then explores the rehabilitative treatment of social deviants.

  3. “'G' Men.” James Cagney plays a government agent who is assigned to track down a criminal gang on the rampage. This is one of the best crime spree movies because of the superb performance by Cagney and because this is one of the first gangster films to focus on law enforcement instead of presenting criminal gangs in a sympathetic light.

  4. “Natural Born Killers.” This crime spree movie stars Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis as an insane, viscous couple on a violent killing spree. The film is directed by Oliver Stone and is very loosely based on the actual events of the famous Charles Starkweather case.

  5. “Gun Crazy” (1950). This is a film noir crime spree movie starring the lovely Peggy Cummings and John Dall. A husband and wife, both fascinated with guns, go on a robbery spree after losing their jobs at a carnival. This film is highly regarded by critics and has a cult following.

  6. “A Perfect World.” Escaped convicts kidnap a young boy to use as a hostage as they run from a tenacious lawman. This crime spree movie stars Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, and Laura Dern.

  7. “Badlands.” Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek have both expressed pride in the work that they did in this film. Like a number of other movies on this list, this film is based on the Charles Starkweather murder spree.

  8. “Serial Mom.” This crime spree movie is extraordinarily unusual in that it is also a satirical comedy film. Kathleen Turner stars as a typical suburban mom who really isn't so typical. She kills neighbors who fail to recycle and murders teachers who criticize her children in any way.

  9. “Ms. 45.” This film, starring Zoe Tamerlis Lund as a mute woman who is raped twice in one day, has a cult following. Lund, who slowly loses her sanity, goes on a killing spree targeting any man who annoys her in the slightest.

  10. “Hide.” Rachael Miner and Christian Kane star in this movie about a young couple on a crime spree a la Bonnie and Clyde. The performances by Miner and Kane is this film are superb.