Think murder, suspense and envy that will lead you to the 10 best crime of passion movies. To define “crime of passion” is when a person assaults or murders another because of a sudden strong impulse of jealous rage or hear break. This type of fatal injury is never premeditated which makes these type of movies the type you grip to the arm of your chair.

  1. “Fatal Attraction” (1987). This is the best of the best scariest, thrilling and heart-pounding 10 best crime of passion movies of all time. A married man has a one-night stand with a woman who then stalks him and his family for she would not be ignored. Think twice about extra martial affairs.

  2. “American Beauty” (1999). A perfect house with a perfect family from the outside. Inside however a depressed father becomes interested in his daughter's best friend. This midlife crisis makes him realize he has to turn his life and that of his family's back on track.

  3. Absolute Power” (1997). When the most powerful man on earth the President of the United States has affairs which leads to murder he believes he is above the law. An eye witness however spoils those plans in this ten best crimes of passion movies.

  4. To Die For” (1995). A woman has ambition to become a professional television newscaster. No one will stand in her way to reach her goal.

  5. Murder at 1600” (1997). Another movie involving the White House where a woman staffer is killed in the washroom. Was it the President, his son or was there someone else involved? This action-packed ten best crimes of passion movie will keep you guessing until the end.

  6. Perfect Stranger” (2007). When a woman’s best friend is killed she goes undercover as a temp. She believes the husband killed her friend and engages in a dangerous game of cat and mouse to find the truth.

  7. Presumed Innocent” (1990). A female D. A. is killed. Her boyfriend is assigned to lead the investigation and becomes the prime suspect. Complicated ten best crime of passion story in framing the boyfriend when the killer is still out there.

  8. Dressed to Kill” (1980). In this film a woman has a one night stand but realizes she forgot her wedding ring and goes back for it only to get bitterly slashed by mysterious woman. A ten best crime of passion movie will have you question who, what, where and why this happened.

  9. Jade” (1995). A millionaire is killed. An assistant district attorney investigates his death only to discover his own best friend is a suspect.

  10. The Cat’s Meow” (2001). A period piece crime of passion movie that occurs in 1930s. A mysterious death happens on a yacht and the rich and famous of that era are suspects.