The 10 best crime murder movies come from many dates in film history. They clinch the film goers hearts with their suspense. Crime murder movies also use themes of love, mystery, and the continuous search for truth.

  1. "The French Connection" This film is a classic crime murder movie. Gene Hackman follows a narcotics dealer through out New York City. Its a gritty film and murder becomes second nature in the drug game. This film has an iconic chase scene that is imitated but never duplicated.

  2. "Devil In A Blue Dress" This film was a fantastic portrayal of being a black man in L.A. When a detective is following a string of killings, he becomes a suspect because of his race. There is crime and murder, but the greatest crime in this film is the bigotry portrayed.

  3. "In Cold Blood" This film is based off of Truman Capote's semi-documentary novel. Its about two drifters who murder an innocent Kansas family. The man that asks them the questions quickly empathizes with them and a gray and dark murder emerges.

  4. "Touch Of Evil" This movie follows a detective who is investigating a murder. He finds out that this murder was just a catalyst for corruption, lies, and the desire for absolute power. Orson Welle's brings life to this story, making it one of the best crime murder movies.

  5. "Silence Of The Lambs" This film is a psychological thriller that maps out the mind of a serial killer. A police detective uses the help of a former psychiatrist-turned-cannibal, to find this mass murderer. Little does she know that she will be discovering some issues of her own.

  6. "North By Northwest" When a man is chased across country for being suspected as a secret agent, a beautiful murder crime movie takes place. This film is highlighted with its infamous "crop dusting scene" as well as a battle on Mount Rushmore. This movie is a prime example of Alfred Hitchcock's ability to create amazing movies.

  7. "Fargo" In snowbound North Dakota, murder investigations tend to get a little cold. In the film, "Fargo", the Coen brothers lead with an unlikely hero - a pregnant police officer. While investigating a kidnapping, things get a little out of hand and dry comedy quickly follows.

  8. "L.A. Confidential" This movie successfully portrays the dark side of Hollywood. When a diner gets ambushed by gunfire, the police begin to investigate the murder. However, the corruption of the police in L.A. is so deep, that answer are seemingly impossible to come by. 

  9. "Murder My Sweet" When an ex-convict's girlfriend goes missing, murder is typically assumed to have happened. A detective takes it upon himself to figure out where she is and what has happened to her. With a few twists and turns, this is one of the best murder crime movies to date.

  10. "Vertigo" This film is another one of Hitchcock's greatest works. When an ex-cop is hired to tail a woman believed to be involved in a murder, his fear of heights practically consumes him. This film has an impeccable score and an amazing setting in San Francisco.