The 10 best crime drama movies are a good choice for any film lover’s personal collection. Great movie directors have always been drawn to the crime genre because it allows them to explore dark and interesting themes. These films all offer wonderful insights into the darker side of human nature, with complex characters and deep stories.

  1. “The Godfather” This is widely regarded as one of the best crime drama movies, and with good reason. It’s a story about different generations in a mafia family.

  2. “Goodfellas” This is one of the most entertaining crime drama movies. It has snappy pacing and a lot of suspense. The movie tells the story of a boy being raised around mobsters and eventually becoming one himself.

  3. “The Big Heat” This is one of the best crime drama movies in the film noir genre. It’s about a cop trying to shut down some crooks that start targeting his friends and family.

  4. “Carlito’s Way” This is one of the best crime drama movies and a powerful character study. The story concerns a man named Carlito, recently released from prison, and the people in his life who keep trying to pull him back into a life of crime.

  5. “The Killing” This is an early film by Stanley Kubrick. It’s very different from some of his later works, but it still has his cold calculating storytelling style. The story deals with a heist gone wrong.

  6. “Taxi Driver” This is another great character study, and it’s about a man who is slowly losing his mind. Robert De Niro’s performance in this movie is legendary.

  7. “The Naked Kiss” This is one of the darkest crime drama movies on this list. It’s about a woman who falls in love with a man, only to discover that he has a dark secret.  The movie deals with some very twisted subject matter in a way that's incredibly frank for its time.

  8. “Training Day” Denzel Washington has been in several crime drama movies over the years, but this is easily the best. He plays a detective in an elite unit breaking in a new recruit. As the day goes on, the recruit discovers that Denzel’s character has a dark side.

  9. “A Perfect World” This is a movie about escaped convicts, directed by Clint Eastwood. It’s a very emotional film with a great script.

  10. “Match Point” This is actually a film by comedy director Woody Allen, but it’s definitely not a comedy. It’s about an extramarital affair, and deals with all the twisted things people do to maintain their secrets.